Monday, August 13, 2012

Rosie is 17~

I seem to wonder often these days how time passes so quickly.
It was only yesterday that Rosie looked like this precious baby~
And now this beautiful 17 year old~
 We call her the baby original~ beautiful on the inside and out.
Loved so very much and couldn't be more proud of her.
She does very well in school, loves reading, art, and hanging out with her family and friends.
Always a text away and if you need a real friend, she's your girl.
So authentic and kind... loves Jesus and China.
Guess that's a real good thing given our household. :)
 We enjoyed a birthday dinner at Longhorn tonight.
Happy birthday sweet Rose~ we LOVE you SO very much!!!


  1. Such a beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday Rosie!!!

  2. Beautiful young lady!! Happy Birthday Rosie!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Rosie! She's beautiful and you can tell just looking at her that it goes all the way through!

    We used to have that same vinyl on the kitchen floor in our first house (I picked it out) and it's also in our current home, but we covered it with hardwood except in the laundry room! I always smile when I see it because in 1990 I thought it was the most beautiful kitchen floor EVER!

  4. Happy Birthday Rosie! Such a beautiful girl inside and out!