Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reading Workshop~

Reading is something we work on every single day.
We call it Reading Workshop: word work, reading, and listening.
Both girls have reading boxes that hold:
~ Little book we are working on
~ Sight Word Stick Game
~ Reading Pointer
 We also have white baskets of word work activities they do with 5 or 7 of their words each day:
~Magnetic Letters
~Make Words
~Dot Paint
While I work with one on their book and play sticks, the other chooses words to do word work... then we switch.
Just one of the ways I keep both girls on task.
WP either works on his letters, does what the girls are doing, or finds something to play with along side us.

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  1. Sharon,
    I love it! It is so cool to see what you all are doing. I can relate so much to your story about teaching and God calling you to teach as well as public school and homeschooling. Last year, I decided to homeschool my daughter Rachel (9). She is doing great! It was a tough decision because we love N.H. and that cool coach they have there!!! I hope you know about the homeschool group that is local. It is call Tri County Christian Home Educators. (Web address:
    You know Ms. Bonnie comes and does P.E. with us abour 2 times each month. Good luck with your sweet ones as you homeschool this year!
    Cyndi Marett