Monday, August 13, 2012

My Blue Boat~

We are rowing My Blue Boat this week with BFIAR and WP especially loves it.
He has had a thing for boats ever since he came home.
Our day went great today...

We began with our Bible time this morning and I wanted to write a little of what we do at this time.
Each one has a Bible journal in which we write our verse for the day and record a thought.
We begin reading and discussing the story, practice the verse, and pray together.
They move to the table next and each records the verse first...
I write for WP, I write and leave out words for SJ to write, and EK copies the whole thing for her handwriting practice for that day.
Next we each decide on a connection to the story~
maybe it is to just draw about the bible story or maybe a connection to something it makes them think if, or maybe a time when that verse helped them... can be anything they want.
They draw and then we write about our illustrations~
 One day they will have a whole journal of scripture to read and also written on their hearts!

Math today was SO fun!
We read Tally O'Malley and the littles LOVED it!
EK already knew about tally marks and her enthusiasm poured onto SJ and WP!
We used white boards to practice the skill of tallying and then we decided on an item that we would tally...
EK~ chairs, SJ~ pictures on the wall, and WP~ well let's just say he worked on making lines. :)
Once all the tallying was complete, we came back to count by 5s!
 They can't WAIT to tally again tomorrow!

After reading our FIAR book, The Blue Boat, we noticed there was a lighthouse in the book.
We needed more information about them so we watched a couple of YouTube videos about them to get some facts.
I found a lighthouse craft on Pinterest and we made our own!
 We went to the table with our lighthouse night lights and wrote some facts about lighthouses then shared in the sharing chair.
I ended our time with a fiction book called Herbert and the lighthouse he loved.

This is just a sprinkling of our day and just want use this blog to document what we do each week as a scrapbook of our days together. Hoping that at the end of the school year we can print our blog into a book as a yearbook. It will be a great keepsake of our first official home schooling year.

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  1. Just came back this post to find the title of the book you used. S is learning about tally marks!