Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Friday... Art in the Park and Grey's Day~

Fun Friday is usually the highlight of our school week and I had planned a couple of art activities for today but at the last minute had a great idea~
(Basically meant... take it outside :)
We gathered all our supplies, easel, and chose our spot out under our birch tree~ Ankerich Park~
 I set up 4 stations they could float through...
* watercolor painting seashells gathered on our vacation
* easel painting (free choice)
* sponge painting jellyfish
* drawing with chalk on blackboard
They enjoyed the easel being outside so much, we are leaving it in the garage until it gets cold out and even hung an art gallery for their masterpieces~
 After cleanup time, I needed to run to the bank so we picked up Happy Meals and headed to Memommy and Pop's house!
You would have thought we were going to Disney!
I'm pretty sure everyone had a VERY happy Fun Friday!!! 

Greyson has his family and wanted to share photos~
 God is good!


  1. fun day and can't wait to share the pics with Julianne. She so loves Grey!!!

  2. What a fun Friday!!! Our girls LOVE the easel outside and in the garage and we LOVE our ART Gallery on the Garage Wall too..sure brightens up a not so lovely space. HAPPY WEEKEND!!

  3. Everything is more fun outside! Cute pictures of your little artists!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Can bring the little S's to your school? In fact can I come too??? Hugs, Mary