Friday, August 17, 2012

Field Trip~

I had to be in Gwinnett today so I declared it... Field Trip day.
We have been learning about animal classification and tallying so we combined the two and headed to the pet store.

Before hand, we stopped by the library.
I am by nature pulled to fiction and have never been a big non-fiction fan...
until EK came along and that. is. all. she. wants. to. read!
Hahaha on me... we left the library with a WHOLE cart of non-fiction. She has won SJ and WP over to her way of thinking~
 We had our list of animal groups when we went in and enjoyed reading labels, tallying our animals groups, and choosing a yummy treat for Fisher~
I am NOT even kidding when I say SJ held her nose the WHOLE way through the store.
EK's favorite animal was the ferret and says she is getting one for her birthday... not!
It was a very fun morning and only made sweeter meeting Pam for lunch~ LOVE you!!!
We missed our school room today but enjoyed an outing just the same!


  1. field trips are fun, sure looks like they loved it.

  2. Just a plain ole field trip day. Can't believe nothing else exciting happened today?

  3. Looks like a fun morning :) I'm with SJ...all those animals are stinky!! lol...