Monday, August 6, 2012

Daddy's BD Party for SJ~

Scott has a meeting that will pull him away from SJ's birthday of Wednesday.
It is breaking his heart so today about 2:30, he sent me a text asking if we might have a little birthday party tonight.
Of course we can... Amelia ran to the store, I made cupcakes, and we had a party!
Daddy Love~
Aunt Susan and Uncle Tony came over too~
The beautiful birthday girl~
We sang Happy Birthday~
Made a wish and blew out the candles~
SJ loved her gift from daddy~ my little pony
The Beautiful Big Sisters~
 I can not believe 'Sweet Joy' will be 5 years old on Wednesday!
Happy birthday week sweet girl!!


  1. That is the sweetest birthday celebration ever! I love her big smile in each and every picture! Have fun celebrating this week!

  2. What a cutie!! You can see how excited she was. What a sweet daddy she has :)

  3. I love can never celebrate too much birthday!!! How sweet of Scott to think of that! I can't believe she's going to be five either! It goes too fast I tell you!!

    Enjoy this special week!! (Have been enjoying Whole Hearts!)

  4. SJ seems especially happy of late with lots of big smiles. I love seeing her little hands on her daddy's face. So nice that Superman could attend her party.

  5. My goodness, she just melts my heart. What a precious little soul she is!!! Happy 5th SJ!!! By the way that is what we call Janie all the time since she is Sarah Jane:)

  6. Happy Birthday SJ!!! LOVE the first pic of SJ & Daddy...SO SWEET!!!

  7. Such a sweet, sweet family! You guys make my heart smile! :) She looks SO happy! SO sweet!

  8. What a sweet daddy! With January birthdays around our house, we always have to have several celebrations, because it never fails Dad always seems to have a basketball game on birth Days!

  9. Happy Birthday sweet girl!


  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
    She looks SO happy!