Friday, July 27, 2012

PCB~ Day 5

Today was pretty low key... we have another little girl down.
Our mermaid EK has come down with an earache so no going under water for her. 
(Scott is at the dr with EK right now... we shall see)
Beverly and her family were @ PCB and came up for the morning so Emma and EK could play~
We were all in China together in 2006 for our sweet girls.
I'm so thankful Bev got a shot of our family before we headed home~
and I was able to get one of her family~
They headed off for lunch, we went in for rest and packing.
After another couple of hours on the beach, we decided to pack up and head home.
Two sickies and the weekend before us just seemed to lead toward home.
We rolled in about 2:15am, plopped kids in bed, and slept like a rock.
SO amazing to be home!!!
Looking forward to the next couple of days before school starts on Monday.
LOVED our vacation and LOVE that we are home!!!

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  1. Oh, look at SJ's sweet pose in your family picture!! What a wonderful day spent with friends!