Monday, July 23, 2012

PCB~ Day 1

Would you believe SJ woke up about 1:30am with a tooth ache?
Yes, 5 hours away from our dentist... thankful I was able to talk to them and get a script to hopefully get us through the week!
Not sure what it going on... hoping it is not another abscess... :( 

Today was a day spent at the beach~

The beach was covered in seaweed and the tide rolled it in constantly.
SJ and WP did not care for it at all~ EK LOVED it!!!
(Our condo)

WP was a little anxious at first but warmed up to the water pretty quickly.
They all loved having the big girls out with them.

I think this was my FAVORITE photo all day.
It depicts perfectly the willingness to embrace the water~

 WP loved the boogie board, big girls loved reading, SJ made a sand castle, and EK stayed in the water the whole time!

After quite the ordeal to have dinner out, we were on the way to Pier Park and God blessed us with a most gorgeous sunset~
 Thank you Father for a most glorious day taking in Your Creation!


  1. What a fun day at the beach! Cute pictures!

  2. where are you staying - we are coming Thursday and my Linnea has that same pink swimsuit!!

  3. I am laughing at the "quite the ordeal for dinner out"!!! Oh so true!!!Have a wonderful trip, love seeing your pics on instagram!

  4. Imagine... EK enjoying the seaweed, what a given!!!

  5. Love the pix!
    Enjoy your family vacation, looks beautiful and fun at the beach!