Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Little Things~

Any time we step out in faith we're in unknown territory.
Even though adoption is not unknown for our family, funds are always at the top of the unknown list.
We just know it is our calling and God will take care of it.
It has been taken care of for every single adoption in SO many ways...
many of YOU being blessings to us in a mirage of ways.

When we moved to Hartwell, we knew we wanted a boat to share family time on the lake.
It has been a great source of joy and an investment we haven't regretted at all.
Over the last two adoptions, it was our last resort to sell the boat if we were short travel funds
and for some reason, we were able to keep it.

This adoption has been a huge faith climb since last December when felt called to adopt Grayson
(WP's foster brother).
God used us to find Grayson's real family and continued us on this journey for our child. 
It became very clear that the boat would have to go this time so Scott put it on Craig's List months ago.
We had a lot of calls, at least 2 people came and test drove, but no one bought it.
Remember, we sent LOI on Friday not knowing what God would do?

Saturday Scott received an email from someone interested all the way from NC.
He was willing to drive down to get it if we could come down on the price just a little.
We knew we couldn't turn him down.

SO today he pulled into our drive with a friend (Both SO nice)
and went with Scott for a ride... 
long story short~ he bought it and the boat is gone.
Want to know the sweet part of the story? 
The LITTLE Things...
This man's dad is a professor teaching English in Guangzhou, China...
one of cities we have been three times and will travel through once more,
the city that always makes us wonder what else God has for our family,
the city where we always say goodbye to our precious babies' home country.
The Little Things are often God's confirmation that we are indeed in His will.
Friday we sent LOI, Saturday he sent the email.
Tuesday Scott was obedient to sell and God connected it all to China.

Is it just me, or is that just plain AWESOME?

Not gonna lie, it was sad to see it go but SO pales in comparison to the little one waiting for us.
At first it seemed a sacrifice but now it feels like a blessing.
God is good all the time.

Now if we could just sell this adorable house right in town.
(Scott is having a lot of work done on it right now!)

We hope to have PA (pre approval) this week and share our baby's sweet face
and then open our auction (updated) one more time to raise funds for orphanage fee~ $5800.
Blessings and love! 

Ephesians 3:20
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, 
according to his power that is at work within us, 


  1. Little love notes from God...that's how I like to think of things like the China connection in your boat sale. It's amazing how many of them He sends, particularly when we step out in faith and look and listen. God has awesome timing, too! So happy for you all! ~ Jackie

  2. I tried leaving a comment the other day and I don't think it went through. So excited for you!! Can't wait to hear more!!!!


  3. So bittersweet. You are such a blessing to me because you demonstrate strength and peace at times like this. God is so good! I'm so happy to hear you had a China connection to show you all the pieces that will soon fit together.

  4. So awesome, we can choose to feel sorry for ourselves by losing something special to us or choose to see Gods hand in it. You are a gift my sweet friend!! Love you!!!!

  5. that little house is so cute! did you used to live there?


  6. This story gave me chills! We will be praying for your family & your journey :)

    So EXCITED for y'all!!!

    Blessings sweet friend!

  8. Wow! Goose Bumps! He IS good! All the time!

  9. Choking back tears....sad for you to have to sell the boat. I know how much Scott and all of you loved it. I'm sure you have a peace about it though. Tears also for the China part. God does just keep showing up all over your adoptions!!!!

  10. What a connection.
    I'm dying to hear the details of the newest family member.

  11. What a wonderful reminder and affirmation that you are in His will! And you're right it so compares to the little blessing coming your way! Excited to see His continued provision on this adoption! Blessings and Love!!

  12. Such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing "the little things". You are such an encouragement.

  13. I LOVE those kinds of stories!!!! He is so into the details and it is such confirmation when you take those leaps of faith. Can't wait to see that sweet face!