Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sweet Day~

Today was Savannah's day.
We all traveled out to her school to help set up her classroom.
She will be teaching 8th grade math and we are SO happy for her.
I taught in this awesome county for about 18 years BC (before China), :)
and made some of the sweetest relationships of my life there.
I expect nothing less for Savannah~ she is in for a true blessing!
Notice her three very first students. :)
A very Sweet morning!

Savannah had to head to a meeting so we took time to eat lunch with Lisa and her boys~
a trip to the library, Old Navy run, dinner, and a Sweet Monkey treat.
All in all, a very Sweet Day!!!


  1. Always FUN to set up the classroom for the year! So sweet to have her family help. Pray her students are as sweet as those 3. Taught K-12 SPED resource all subjects (K-3, K-12,7-8,K-4) for 12 years before China myself. I'm already working on Holly's preschool room/setup for fall. Once a teacher always a teacher, even when home with the littles for know that though. (Tell her to save up some of that new found cash incase she ever decides to stay home with her littles to come) I'm thinking we need a Sweet Monkey up here. We have many self serve yogurt places now, but not with cupcakes too..yum!
    Happy Weekend!!!

  2. SO happy for Savannah to have found a job in her field!! I hope she will help her students find the "magic" in numbers. So sweet that you all helped her settle into her classroom. Love those three little students.

  3. Such happy news...setting up her first classroom...I'm sure she loved having you all there to help her set up! You all just move from happy day to happy day...always with the support of one nice to see!

    Best wishes for a happy year!!

  4. How exciting!!!!! Those are some very lucky 8th graders!!!