Great and Not so Great~

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The day began so great as we all went to vote~
Amelia's first time and very important since her Uncle Tony was running as the incumbent Chief Magistrate Judge.
Just so happens we ran into him and Susan as we were leaving.
Loved getting photos with them!

The afternoon not so great for EK and SJ... a dental visit. 
EK needed a spacer put in to hold room for new tooth to come in
and SJ needed an x-ray to check for an abscess.
EK really struggled through her procedure~
and then it was SJ's turn... 
x-ray confirmed an abscess and tooth would indeed need to come out.
She and I were NOT happy about it but SO thankful for Dr. Lugas and his sweet team!
After the big pull, we headed to Target for a prize and then home.
All is well that ends well.

The First Day of School~

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rosie was up to greet her sweet friends this morning~
 They met here for pics together.
Our beautiful upperclassman Junior~
 Rosie drove to school everyday last year once she had her license so led the new drivers to school this morning so they could all find a parking spot together~
 And once back in, I found the girls already working on their morning work~
It's already a GREAT First Day of School!

School Time~

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our county probably starts school earlier than any system I know,
giving students lots of breaks and holidays.
Rosie starts her junior year of high school and I begin formally teaching EK at home.
She begins first grade, SJ pre-K, and WP preschool.
I decided to move our school room to a room hardly ever used~ the living room.
It allows us to have a designated space out of the way, separate from our play areas~
We have already spent a lot of time in here this summer so it is familiar~
We have all we need to love, learn, and live in our new space~
We have planned to spend our first weeks learning about the ocean, its animals, and the beach since we just had vacation.
I think EK is most excited about our new world map hanging.
She LOVES showing me Chongqing, China~ her homeland. :)
Looking forward to a great school year!!!

Home Sweet Home~

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today was spent unpacking, washing, and getting things back in order~
 I am thankful that all THIS is put away and we can enjoy a simple Sunday!
There is NO place like home.

PCB~ Day 5

Friday, July 27, 2012

Today was pretty low key... we have another little girl down.
Our mermaid EK has come down with an earache so no going under water for her. 
(Scott is at the dr with EK right now... we shall see)
Beverly and her family were @ PCB and came up for the morning so Emma and EK could play~
We were all in China together in 2006 for our sweet girls.
I'm so thankful Bev got a shot of our family before we headed home~
and I was able to get one of her family~
They headed off for lunch, we went in for rest and packing.
After another couple of hours on the beach, we decided to pack up and head home.
Two sickies and the weekend before us just seemed to lead toward home.
We rolled in about 2:15am, plopped kids in bed, and slept like a rock.
SO amazing to be home!!!
Looking forward to the next couple of days before school starts on Monday.
LOVED our vacation and LOVE that we are home!!!

PCB~ Day 4

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The morning was like most of the others~ beach time.
SJ and WP were much more comfortable in the ocean today and they loved playing with EK~
LOVED watching Scott and the girls out in the water~
And the sweetest part of this day was driving to Destin to eat dinner with Kelly and her family.
(Think it is SO sweet that little Kate is just about the same age and size as EvieClaire~ isn't she going to be SO cute?)
As soon as I knew we were coming down, I also knew I had to meet Kelly.
Remember me talking about a friend that connected me to Grayson's mom, Kim.
Kelly and Kim were good friends near DC and have since moved to new towns.
Kelly was about 2 hours away so we both drove an hour to have dinner together @ The Back Porch.
Our families enjoyed being together.
God is SO good to allow me these dear friendships with two people He could only orchestrate through adoption.
Bless you both and SO thankful for each of you!!! 
Another 'Red Thread Connection'!!!

PCB~ Day 3

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today we took a morning to do a little shopping @ Pier Park~
 A&R loved every minute, the littles just played along, and the boys did a lot of waiting~
It was SO hot but we made the best of it~
While the bigs continued to look in shop after shop, we stopped off to let the littles do a little flying.
They LOVED it!!!~
and I'm just throwing this photo in because SJ and WP always want to put their arms around EK.
Today she asked why and I told her because they love you so much...
this was the face she gave me~

PS... It is such a small world. 
I found out my friend Shawn and family are here for a baseball tournament and we haven't seen each other in years.
They are staying a couple of condos away from us and we were able to connect today on the beach.
It was SO wonderful to pick right up where we left off.
I love seeing you today Shawn and hope to see again very soon!

PCB~ Day 2

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A good night's sleep makes for a good morning.
Meds seem to be working for SJ so she slept through the night. :)
Then just another day at the beach~
(Phone Pics)~
 Finally remembered to bring the real camera out and got pictures of our very own mermaid Ella~ :)
 SJ and WP seemed to like the water a little better today~
 We also decided a lunch out would be a better choice than going out at night.
It is SO crowded down here... went to a place last night and the wait was two hours.
Savannah and Josh suggested Pineapple Willy's and it didn't disappoint... very yummy and fun!
 Later we headed back to the beach and spent the rest of the day out there.
Low key sandwich dinner, everyone ready for bed, and looking forward to a relaxing evening!
A Great PCB~ Day 2!

PCB~ Day 1

Monday, July 23, 2012

Would you believe SJ woke up about 1:30am with a tooth ache?
Yes, 5 hours away from our dentist... thankful I was able to talk to them and get a script to hopefully get us through the week!
Not sure what it going on... hoping it is not another abscess... :( 

Today was a day spent at the beach~

The beach was covered in seaweed and the tide rolled it in constantly.
SJ and WP did not care for it at all~ EK LOVED it!!!
(Our condo)

WP was a little anxious at first but warmed up to the water pretty quickly.
They all loved having the big girls out with them.

I think this was my FAVORITE photo all day.
It depicts perfectly the willingness to embrace the water~

 WP loved the boogie board, big girls loved reading, SJ made a sand castle, and EK stayed in the water the whole time!

After quite the ordeal to have dinner out, we were on the way to Pier Park and God blessed us with a most gorgeous sunset~
 Thank you Father for a most glorious day taking in Your Creation!

On the Road~

Sunday, July 22, 2012

After waking up at Savannah and Josh's and giving them hugs goodbye,
we were On the Road.
We have been waiting for this day for weeks! and the girls were very excited we had planned to worship @ Passion City Church.
It was a blessed morning and we all felt God speaking and confirming.
Louie Giglio is one amazing speaker and brought the Word this morning... He shared we are...
"God designed, purpose intended, significant, lavishing loved, a prince or princess, a son or daughter of the King of the universe and all creation. "
VERY powerful!
 We enjoyed a yummy lunch and finally hit the road about 2:30, driving straight through the whole 5 hours, and the kids were wonderful!
They watched movies, ate snacks, and WP took a little nap.
It was the best feeling to drive into our condo and see~
 The Ocean~ One of God's most amazing creations.
I think I say this every time I'm here but I feel SO close to God when I look out at the vastness of the water.
Such a miracle and the only thing separating us from EvieClaire. 
I look out and blow kisses on the wind as God carries them to her cheek.
For just as Louie spoke of God's love for us this morning, I pray He whispers the same truths to her heart.
For she is...
"God designed, purpose intended, significant, lavishing loved, a princess, a daughter of the King of the universe and all creation. " TOO!!!
 Thank You Jesus for the vacation~ we are all SO thankful!!!

A Beautiful Journey~

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We were back to Atlanta today to celebrate a Beautiful Journey being launched tomorrow
(Please consider clicking on their blog to follow and pray for their family!)
Josh's brother and family.
They have accepted a call to full time missions and will be training in Virgina for a couple of months, home for 3 weeks, then to Vancouver for 4 months, and finally to Norway where they will lived and serve.

It was our pleasure to visit and encourage them today~
as we head out on our vacation.

We loved spending time with their amazing family~
 Loved catching up with Ben and Barbara as well (Josh's mom and dad).
The kids had a very fun day too eating and playing with bubbles.
We said our goodbyes and headed back to Savannah's house for dinner and relaxation before the big drive tomorrow.
The originals and I ran to Target for a few things to make a darling tree for Nan's classroom.
It was a GREAT beginning to a GREAT vacay!!!

A Sweet Day~

Friday, July 20, 2012

Today was Savannah's day.
We all traveled out to her school to help set up her classroom.
She will be teaching 8th grade math and we are SO happy for her.
I taught in this awesome county for about 18 years BC (before China), :)
and made some of the sweetest relationships of my life there.
I expect nothing less for Savannah~ she is in for a true blessing!
Notice her three very first students. :)
A very Sweet morning!

Savannah had to head to a meeting so we took time to eat lunch with Lisa and her boys~
a trip to the library, Old Navy run, dinner, and a Sweet Monkey treat.
All in all, a very Sweet Day!!!

Addie Love~

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Every time Addie comes to spend time at our house~
 WP kisses Addie over and over and over...
Addie Love!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LOVE when bigs and littles merge for a sweet evening~
 oh and don't forget Fisher... taking it all in. :)

Lucy Turtle~

Monday, July 16, 2012

EK can not wait to check the skimmer every day in hopes of a treasure.
Today she hit the jackpot.
I heard her all the way in the house~ I FOUND A TURTLE!
 I am amazed how calm and natural holding creatures is for her~
a biologist just like her Uncle Chris!
She held it with such care and gentleness... taking in every single detail.
All of a sudden she burst into the house and announced she had named her turtle, Lucy.
She immediately wanted to make it a home and make it her pet.
I was hesitant but Scott decided it would be fine until we leave for the beach on Sunday.
SJ exclaimed she was going in to get her turtle out of the toy box...
:) plastic and just like she likes it. :)
She put it down by the 'real' turtle so it would have a friend.
She did venture to touch the real one but that's all.

After Lucy was all tucked into her new habitat,
we went inside, read books, found a few videos about turtles, and wrote about our new pet.
Someone is already tucked into her bed, dreaming of her newest friend.
Days like this are the ones they will remember forever!
(WP slept through the whole thing but liked Lucy ok when he woke up. I think he prefers the plastic one too.)