Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day~

Our family is very blessed with all the fathers we love.
Our children couldn't be more blessed to have Scott as their dad.
He is without a doubt the most loving, patient, supportive, kind daddy to each of them~
 We all celebrated today as a family dedicating WP at church.
Such an amazing picture of God's love for us...
a son given to us through adoption and SO very loved!
 SO thankful to have Josh and Savannah home!~
 Jason, Marcia, and I are SO very blessed as well to have the hardest working daddy in the whole world.
There is NOTHING he wouldn't do for any of us and has shown us that all our lives.
It was so wonderful to all spend this day together!
We love you daddy SO very much!!!~
 My sweet mama and daddy~
 Such a great weekend to have my sister and her family home~
Jason's family (Amy's mom is visiting)~
Scott took my camera and shot this photo of me and my 3 BEST friends~ (LOVE)
 Mama is very blessed to still have her 96 year old father (Papa)~
 And lastly, the littles made ties for their daddy and I wrote what they said about him inside.
I will share what they said about him later (so sweet!).
Love this photo~
SO typical of the kind of dad Scott is~ always making each child feel like they are his favorite! SO blessed!!!


  1. It looks like Scott had a great Father's Day. Love the pictures! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Such a beautiful family!!!

  3. looks like a wonderful day. Can you believe I did not take any pics?? I love the pic of EK touching everyone around her, claiming them, so precious!!

  4. A beautiful, blessed family! We are blessed with wonderful husbands to be such Godly examples for our sweet children! Blessings!!!!

  5. Wonderful pictures! The tie is so cute on Scott; can't wait to hear what your little ones said about him.

    You look so cute, Sharon, a lovely figure fitting right in with your three older daughters. You and Amy look like you might have the same hairdresser.