Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making Words~

I have a pretty large stash of school manipulatives from years of teaching
and this week I found the lacing ABCs.
In the past, kids have had difficulty lacing the letters with the strings provided 
SO I had an idea to use pipe cleaners and it worked like a charm!
I chose an ABC book we had in our book basket and asked SJ to find her favorite animal.
She did and begin making its name using the letters and pipe cleaners and loved it~

 Because she is four years old, I asked her to make four names and she did!

Later in the day, I was inspired by another mom (Mary Beth) to impress scripture on my children' hearts.
The memory verse this month with First Start and 252 is
Isaiah 1:17
"Learn to do what is right."
When EK got home from school, we pulled out our dot paint and painted the words to hang in our school room~
  Now when we are in there, we have God's word in front of us and encouraging us...
I need it MORE than they do much of the time!
Thanks MB for the motivation to make it real!!!


  1. You are such a great mama and teacher! Your kids are going to be such smarty pants! Love the lacing ABC's and the scripture is the perfect addition to your room. So cute and such a great reminder too.

  2. LOVE the scripture verse above the window in dot paints! I usually buy art paper, tape a long strip down the bedroom door and add to it weekly for my sweeties memory verses. This way she can see the verses week by week as she has memorized them. After she has memorized 5 verses or so we give her a charm for her charm bracelet. Just another fun way to help hide the Word of God in their little hearts. You're an inspiration!