Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Three Rs...

Since reading 7, it has been super important to me that our family
Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.
We have embraced recycling while reducing our garbage greatly.
Since taking this on we have found lots of things we can reuse... like Lids~ idea from HERE.
Today we worked with WP on matching colors and naming them.
Tomorrow we will add letters to one side and maybe numbers on the other for SJ.
I can see making a set with sight words for EK~ cheap fun for sure!
I guess there are 3 other Rs being practiced... Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. :)
We would love other suggestions of things you are reusing for  learning.
Fun stuff going on around here!


  1. Love the lid ideas, doing it for sure!! Can't wait until Janie understands a little more:)

  2. Can't wait to read 7! Recently finished One Thousand Gifts and Give Them Grace so I'm ready for a new book. We have used the lids of milk jugs for memory matching games (print and glue pictures or store bought stickers, even foam works. The milk jug lids also work well with individual letters inside to use for word making...spelling practice, put magnets on the back and they could stick to a magnetic board also. If you drink frozen concentrate juice, we have saved those lids too for memory matching games, ABC's and 123's, shape sorting, even adding, subtracting, and multiplication floor fun. Have FUN!!!

  3. Still processing 7... Life changing for sure!!! That is a whole different email;) Love your use of lids!

  4. Love this post! Our school promotes the 3 R's too! Carson made a bag out of pop cans and duct tape for school!

  5. I love your collages you are using for your posts. How do you do that on your blog? Just love your family. What a blessing you are to me everyday.

  6. What a great project... and adorable photos!!!
    Hope you had a Blessed Easter~



  7. Love this post! I used lids in my preK classroom, along with other junk bins, for all sorts of hands on math as part of the Math Their Way curriculum. Great for patterns, sorting (by size, shape, color, material) etc. Other recycle ideas: laminate Sunday ads for playing store - great for literacy development and using math and language in everyday life. Boxes and cartons and tubes make for great art sculptures. We also cut up color ads into mosaic tiles for math activities and art projects. So many fun ways to use common recyclable materials again....thanks for encouraging us to be creative!

  8. LOVE this!! I'm excited to say I've gotten somewhat caught up and I have missed you so!! I will be saving my lids to work on something educational here :)

    I LOVE your new family pics! Everyone is so gorgeous! Great colors and great smiles! You really are blessed! Will looks like he is doing so, so good!!

  9. since you like lids I saw this and thought you would like it!

  10. Great idea! I'll have to start keeping lids so I can do the same thing!

  11. My FAVORITE thing to reuse is containers! I see you use plastic containers (empty food ones) for storage too! :)

    I was just telling my DH I am going to try and buy NO NEW curriculum this year. Our library really has a lot of stuff. I plan to use a lot more of it.

    So much free on-line and then we already have so much.

    I love that you have your Little House books. My sister and I sold ours one year at a garage sale when we were in high school. :((( Would love to have those back.

    I save caps too and have a set of letter ones. One thing I did was use blue ones for consonants and red ones for vowels. This has really helped with reading.

    Love all of your ideas incl. the "Sparkle" game. I'm going to put that to use this afternoon for sight words. :) Thanks!!!