Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Breatk~ Day 4

Today was a slow morning at home 
and an afternoon spent shopping for EK's birthday party.
Yesterday was just the best day!
We began @ USCIS for fingerprinting and then headed for lunch.
Varsity was delicious... whatda ya have?~
 Everyone loved it~

 We had tossed around the thought of taking our lunch to the park
but eating in was WAY easier~

 We took the kids over to Centennial Park for a fountain show~

 Then to a fabulous playground~

 Our next stop was Zoo Atlanta... 
SJ was SO excited she would see new animals~

 Definitely LOVED the pandas the most~
OH and the petting zoo~
 Because she was the birthday girl, she chose a cute little lion she named Leah from the gift shop~
 We had planned to have dinner @ Spaghetti Factory 
but upon arriving, it was gone. Oh well nothing left to do  but head to Maggiano's~

 It was the best of days with the exception of no J&S!
Looking forward to a small friend party tomorrow.



  1. I have been reading your blog since just before you bought SJ home (I hope to adopt from China in the future) and it is truly amazing to see her transformation-she has developed such a light about her that is lovely to see!

  2. Hold up! You can't leave us hanging like that . . . Fingerprinting? What's that about?
    Delurking, with love from Wales,

  3. Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday to EK!

  4. Fun day with your beautiful family!! Love the hats on the littles at lunch - too cute!
    Sounds like you're starting the process again...I couldn't be happier for you.
    Been thinking of you lots.


  5. A Beautiful Day! My girls have been begging for a zoo visit with Panda's....their favorite!

  6. looks like a wonderful day!!!!!

  7. looks like you are enjoying some pretty amazing weather too! great day for this beautiful fam!


  8. This post is going to bring all of the experienced ones out of the woodwork.... hmmmm USCIS??

  9. Did I miss an adoption annoucement somewhere? Do tell....nobody goes and gets fingerprints because it is fun.

  10. Shay,
    I had thought I was the only one out of the loop. FINGERPRINTING???????? Oh, please tell! I had a feeling deep down you were not done! You are such a blessing! Love you!
    Laura Adams