Sunday, April 15, 2012

Phi Mu Family Picnic~

We've had a few picnics lately but today's was SO wonderful.
Amelia's sorority, Phi Mu, invited families to enjoy a day at the park.
I LOVED seeing Amelia with all her precious sisters.
They are all some of the sweetest girls and truly love each other~
We brought the whole crowd~
 Two Sundays in a row being together was just more than this mama could imagine.
My camera barely stopped snapping the whole time~
 We enjoyed a great lunch catered by Panera, played a little corn hole, and just being together~
You would have never known EK was still under the weather~
After a little time playing on the playground~
we went back to Amelia's room to pack up a few of her things because in TWO weeks,
she will be HOME for summer and I for one can't WAIT!
{How can it be that her freshman year is coming to an end?}
Once again, it was the best of days and I am so thankful!!!


  1. WP was SO precious while they were playing Corn Hole! He was cracking me up the entire time:) I just wanted to go pick him up and squeeze him he was so darn cute and I feel like I know him just from reading your blog! haha Your family is precious!

  2. and could I just say I love Rosie's sun glasses! super cute!


  3. What a lovely day! They are all just precious. I know you had fun!

  4. seriously can your girls give a tutorial on how they do their hair?! i always admire their different styles - esp. how they swoop the bangs, etc. help needed here!

  5. Lovely pictures :) !!!!! Love y'all SO MUCH

  6. Hi Sharon! I found you through Love Like Crazy and have been reading here for awhile. I love your blog! I am 19 and am the youngest of 4 "originals" (all girls!). Then, we adopted 4 kids through the foster system. I absolutely love my big, diverse, crazy family. Thanks for sharing your family and daily journey! I just wanted to come out of lurking and introduce myself. : ) Have a great week!

  7. What an awesome family picnic!! So glad you could get together TWO weekends in a row!!

  8. So glad you guys had a great time on Sunday! Loved the pictures!