Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Homeschool Activities~

Today was a big school day for the littles...
really not a day goes by that they don't beg to do school.
Some days are just better than others.
I really don't spend a lot of time planning things to do so just think them up when we're sitting together.
SJ knows all her letters, sounds, knows how to sound out words, and understands how reading works
I began introducing a new little book last week and another today.
It teaches two new words and I have her search for them in a book we read together~ like Pinkalicious.
She found all four of her words!
 She was VERY proud of herself!

We worked on adding letters to our cap collection and practiced matching them.
WP handed them to SJ and she matched them saying letter, sound, and something that starts with that letter.
I also made a clothespin letter game and she matched letter to cards to spell her words~ LOVED it!

Then it was on to a little math.
Made a number matching game with the caps and WP chose our sticks game again.
SJ rolled a die and built a tower for each number rolled~ great city!
As an extension to the little book 'What Is It?' SJ learned today,
she and I made a little book of her own using the MANY stickers we have collected from dr visits this year.
I think this is her absolute favorite thing to do~ make books.
I encourage her to read it as many times as she can then sticking a sticker on the back for good reading~ trying to fill the back full! :)

Here are her two videos she wanted shot today so she could hear herself~
What Is It?

It Is ...

About the time I had just finished making lunches, my phone rang... nurse said EK was ill.
We dropped everything to pick her up and she has been resting and watching Netflix all afternoon.
Not sure what's going on other than allergies and a fever.
She's asking for a few games of her own... guess I better get thinking. :)


  1. What fabulous games! I especially love the clothes pins! It looks like everyone loves to learn! Cute pictures!

  2. Great idea for games! Love the clothespin idea :)
    Quick question, love the girls' hairbows, do you order them online, buy them in stores or make them? I haven't been able to find any that look like the ones your girls have and I love theirs.

  3. Loved all the fun school activities today. Can't wait until our little one is beyond ABC and 123's. She finally has her colors and almost all of her ABC's can't wait to start on reading. All 3 of us girls have been very sick with allergies the past 2 weeks. I think even a sinus infection or 2 but got it under control with meds, should have started them sooner. Hope she's well soon!!!!

  4. love these ideas! I just started collecting caps and hope to actually do something with them soon. Janie counts to 5 now:) We are starting to work on colors but not seeing anything yet:)

  5. Wow! How old is she again? That self correct from teddy bear to bear blew my mind. I teach intervention reading groups for k-4 and she could blow some of my k-1 kiddos out of the water. Check out this amazing site for free books you can print, the sight word set builds on each other, you will love them! My school is short on $$$ so we use these book a lot!

  6. Hi I just saw your comment on The ling road to China, You have a beautiful family, I was blessed to visit here.

  7. Oh I hope EK feels better today!
    My girls enjoy the Pinkalicious books here too, and the "love of reading" is just so amazing to see! Thanks for sharing your home-school ideas.

  8. Having your fingerprints done??? Is there another precious child on the way?

  9. Those videos are the cutest things ever! I love how she realized that she was not touching each word and started over. She is SO smart!!

  10. Those games are so amazing! And SJ sounds absolutely wonderful! What a smart girl!

    I hope EK feels better really soon.

  11. Great job, SJ!! Love all your ideas and will probably be stealing them. :) Already doing the letter and number matching games, thanks!