Friday, April 13, 2012

An Instagram Day~

Today's photos brought to you by Savannah's and my Instagram accounts.
I had a hair appt this am so the littles went to Savannah's house to hang out. :)
Afterwards, we had lunch together and took EK to the dr... ear and sinus infection~
Savannah and Josh moved into their house last weekend and it was SO fun to visit today.
Go HERE to take a tour. 

We had lots of projects going on there... hanging things, moving furniture, building lego buildings~
And then there was dinner... a most embarrassing moment...
We had NO idea what we had ordered but when our waitress walked out,
the WHOLE restaurant stopped, laughed, and stared.
OF course~ WHO wouldn't stare at this Monster Pizza!
And would you believe over half of it was gone???
Crazy fun and a moment we will always laugh about!
With one sickie and no naps, the littles were completely out by the time we made it home.

We had a GREAT day together!
{Missed Rosie!}


  1. So FUN they got to hang out with Big Sis at her NEW house! Sorry for the sinus infection...Spring is almost over hopefully. What a gigantic pizza...hope it was good.

  2. Beautiful first home! I love all the Instagram pics too. Really going to have to start using it more.