Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Reunion~

Saturday my dad's side of the family all met @ Cross Roads Baptist for a family reunion.
I think we counted 67 people... some we see often and some I'd never even met.
We had PLENTY of food and everyone loved the tables and tables of choices~
 We shared stories and laughs, making it the best of evenings.
After our meal we all moved to the front for a group photo~
Mama and Papa Martin would be SO proud of their huge family!
My dad's brother, sister, and first cousin were all together~
 LOVED shooting each family
and then having our family in a photo as well~
Next was ALL the kids had been waiting for... an Egg Hunt~
The littles found a whole basket of eggs and decided it was very important to check them out.
It was a sweet sight to see all the children running to find eggs
AND watching our family just being together~
 God has blessed our family in big ways~
to Him be all glory and honor!

Psalm 68:6
God places the lonely in families; 
he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy. 
But he makes the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.


  1. What a very special day! I love when families come together and celebrate love! : ) Absolutely beautiful!

  2. how wonderful! I am sure it was lots of work to organize that get together but worth every minute.


  3. My goodness it looks wonderful! I love for our big extended family to be together. Unfortunately it's been way too long. Thanks for letting me take a peek!

  4. Hi Sharon, I never comment because blogspot does not like me and only occasionally will my comments go through! I love reading your blog! It is truly like a breath of fresh air! Your family is just beautiful! I wanted to tell you that we are hoping to send off our LOI for a little boy who is listed with BAAS! After adopting two little girls and then one very big (older) girl, I am so excited at the thought of having a little boy running around the house again. Love, Kim

  5. That is so amazing! You all being able to get together like that! Beautiful family!

  6. Had a lot of fun on Saturday!!! Loved your got some really good ones. :)