Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love 19~

When I taught school,
my favorite thing was writing workshop.
I LOVED watching my children bloom as writers.
In my opinion, they became better readers through writing
and reading back to an audience.

Writing is probably the best part of home school for me too.
EK has really bloomed even more at school
and you can imagine my joy 
when she wrote this precious book for SJ yesterday~

The Tooth Story~
 SJ got her tooth out.
 Then she got a doll.
 She got back home.
 Then she ate dinner.
 Now she is asleep.
 The End. {Notice the 50 staples she used. :}
 Written and illustrated by EK~
SJ is so proud of it and shows it to everyone.
She also reads it over and over.
I LOVE that EK loves writing
and is setting such a great example for SJ.
Write on sweet girl~ LOVE it!