Monday, February 13, 2012

Love 13~

Today was not a very LOVELY day...
SJ had had a tooth ache since Friday afternoon
{As soon as all dentist offices closed}
and continued all weekend.
I was able to speak to Dr. Morgan yesterday
and she suggested we put her on antibiotic in case
it was abscessed, so we did.

This morning we called Dr. Lugas
and they had us come in right after lunch.
After an xray, it was obvious her tooth was sick.
It was one of the teeth capped during dental surgery last March.
I was shocked they said it would need extraction...

First of all, I had to come to terms with it FAST
and then prepare SJ for it.
I immediately prayed over her and turned it to happy.
What's happy for SJ? Tooth Fairy visit!!!

Me: I need to call the tooth fairy to tell her what has happened.
SJ: Really???
Me: Yes, should I tell her you would rather have money or a gift?
SJ: A gift!
Me: Any ideas?
SJ: A baby like the one we bought Adelyn today.
{We did a little bd shopping for Adelyn today and SJ picked out a little doll for her.}
Me: I am SURE she can bring you one of those!
SJ: (big smile)

It was then time for the tooth to come out.
They allowed me to stay with her while she smelled the happy air
but once work began, 
I sat by the window shooting photos and praying my heart out.
Broke my heart to hear her begging for me.

SJ was SO brave today
and we couldn't be more proud of her.
I might add I put that baby in her arms as SOON
as we put her back in the truck.
{She was quick to ask if we could get Adelyn another one... OF COURSE!}
 She was pretty much in shock on the way home until~
she accidently squeezed baby's hand
and she spoke "I love you, I love you!".
You should have seen the smile that brightened her face~
took my breath away and blessed my heart big!

I LOVE this little baby that made SJ's day
and I LOVE that they both went to sleep
excited the tooth fairy would be here in a little while.
I LOVE Jesus for taking care of our SJ baby today
and for giving us the best dentist in the world~
{PS... The tooth fairy picked up another 'gift' and tomorrow will be a great day!}


  1. Oh, Sharon! I can't even imagine having to get results and have the extraction done the same day! We had a miserable dental checkup last week because M remembers the shot she got to make her go to sleep for all her dental work last fall. You were both SO brave! I have it on good authority that Dr. Karl is THE best, so I know she was in good hands. And of course, she was in even better hands as you prayed for her. Bless your glad it's behind you now! ~Jackie

  2. Bless her little heart! So glad the baby made things better!

  3. awww. sweet girl. i'm glad you had the baby to bring a little smile to her heart!

    she is a beauty - even when not feeling well ;)

    xo ellie

  4. Poor sweet SJ!!!! (Poor Mama!!!!)
    So glad the TF could deliver so quickly!!!! Hope she is feeling back to her old self today:) Yay for good dentists!!!

  5. Poor sweet brave girl! I'm glad it is all over and now she can feel better!

  6. Poor Sweetie...hope all is better today! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. OH your little sweetheart is precious even when she's had a tough day. Glad it is over and all went great. Very cute doll to love for SJ! HUGS.

  8. Oh my goodness dear friend...I'm so sorry to hear that she had pain for a few days. We certainly know what that is like. It's difficult to see our precious ones in pain. I'm so glad it's over. You are such a good Mommy. SJ is just so sweet even when she doesn't feel well. I love that little doll. So cute! Sending love and hugs your way. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Sharon, I have sat on that very same bench looking through those very same windows while Drake has had tons of work done with Dr. Lugus. They have always taken such great care of my boys. What a scary day. I can say I know just how you felt!!

    PS We are like family with the staff in that office. Chuck's aunt has worked there for YEARS!

  10. That is a hard day. Your a good mama. please post where you got that adorable doll. might need to pick one up for a little girl over here :)

  11. So glad to hear she's doing better! And very glad you had a wonderful dentist to help her!

  12. Oh, that sweet girl!! I would have bought her a baby too!!!

  13. I am just catching up on all your posts. This one made me tear up. I love the way you got her excited about the tooth fairy instead of being scared :) What a sweet girl!!