Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love 18~

I LOVE that sweet faces adorn
our walls all over our house now.
{Amelia's Room}~
 {Rosie's Room}~
  {EK and SJ's Room}~

 {WP's Room}~ wish I had hung them lower...
 I LOVE that each frame is special
and completely changeable in the months to come.
Planning to frame photos from Savannah's wedding
and hang over the living room sofa...
a day we will never forget!

{Next project~ lifebooks for EK and SJ}
EK has a Creative Memories scrapbook but just too big
for her to pull off the shelf to look at daily.
I think she will love a digital one
and I know WP will!
Oh and one more thing...
has anyone transferred their VHSs to DVDS?
I would LOVE to be able to pop the bigs' movies
into my computer and go back in time.
Let me know if you have advice!

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  1. Love this! How are they framed?

  2. I love the large pictures you have in your children's rooms. I really need to get some pictures printed off and hang more around our home. WP look so tiny in his big tall cute and the girls room looks very pretty. Happy Weekend:)


  3. I LOVE all the pictures you have around the house now - they look GREAT! I would love to do this in our house. I've been thinking about it for a long time now. I've wanted to do a newborn collage of each of them but maybe I should do what you did?! So those frames were cheap? That's a plus! And it sounded easy to blow them up too. I'll have to ask you about it later! Which reminds me...would you be willing to take 1 year pictures of Adelyn and maybe a few family pictures? Maybe we could do it outside sometime in March, around her birthday? That would be so fun and we'd REALLY appreciate it! Let me know!

  4. I love all the pictures, Sharon...sweet memories. I have not started Lucey's life book. I have a wonderful one my friend gave to me. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs to all! Beth

  5. Love, love, love these pictures! Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. beautiful! I love this! WP looks so cute sitting on his bed!

    You must tell me where or where you got the girl beds?


  7. How did you get your pictures blown up and keep the clarity?

    BTW: I just adore your family! Every one of y'all are beautiful and I just adore sweet Savannah and Amelia! I feel like I know the littles just from reading your blog all the time:)

  8. You have completely inspired me. I am NEED to do this. Thanks for the idea.

  9. I have to share about my experience with an AWESOME company to convert VHS to DVD and the AWESOME deal I got through Groupon.

    The company is Scan Digital.

    Typicallay the cost to transfer one VHS to one DVD is $20. Worth every penny.

    But watch Groupon...several times I have seen $20 for $100 worth of services. That is only $5 per VHS. EVEN BETTER!

    For christmas we transfered 45 VHS tapes to DVD for our parents. The BEST gift we have ever given!

  10. More Beautiful Pics! I always have the hardest time trying to decide which ones to hang.

  11. your pictures are stunning. where did you get the frames. You have inspired me.