Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today was a day scheduled for recovery...
WP's recovery from surgery
and my house's recovery from a weekend of neglect.
WP had a pretty hard day with pain
but once comfortable,
enjoyed making a little music~

Truth be known...
the only time he wasn't saying, "Hurt mama"
was during his nap or in my arms~
 Thus the only progress with the house neglect
was going from this~
 to this~
 I'm good with that because I'm pretty sure 
we banked some good bonding time
and right now that is WAY more important than a house!!!


  1. What a sweet boy. Praying for WP's recovery. LOVED his bell playing and happy singing!!! Our little David from Wuhan is looking forward to the same procedure in the next couple weeks. Peace be yours during recovery!

  2. Awww- his pain breaks my heart. I'm praying he feels so much better so soon!! In the meantime, keep him snuggled and smothered in kisses!! Xoxo!!

  3. Bless his little heart! Hope he feels better soon!

  4. Hey friend! Looks like you have had a busy time of it. That boy is so cute in that bed.

    You are right the laundry can wait. for a while anyway!


  5. He's more than adorable playing those bells and singing. And yes the house and chores can wait, your boy needs some mamma loving right now! Hope he heals quickly.


  6. That little bell player just made my night! (he's quite meticulous with arranging those bells isn't he!) So glad he is recovering well!

  7. That was such a cute video! I loved how he had to stop to rearrange almost all of the bells before he kept on playing! I sure hope he wakes up feeling much better today!! He and Jing need to have a play date with Max!!

  8. Me again....can you share where to find the precious bell set? I am a preschool teacher and I would really like to see if I couldn't find a set. Thank you! (And I hope WP is feeling even better today!)

  9. Poor little guy...he's soooo precious. Loved the bells and the organization and what appeared to be putting them back in the basket when done. Hope he's feeling better soon.

  10. So glad WP is being a trooper! It is simply amazing how they take it in stride! Blessed that he has his mommy. Our littest guy had one of those "little boy" surgeries last Spring in March. It was hard to see him hurt in those areas ... but it healed well (and pretty quickly) and we're so glad we did it now.
    He had hypospadias (mildest form which prevented that little snip-thing when he was born.)

  11. I LOVE the videos you've been posting of WP! Thank you a million times for letting me see and hear my little friend again! <3

  12. Will is so precious! Love how he organizes all the bells if they get out of place. I'm so glad he's starting to feel better.


  13. Sending hugs to WP and hoping he's feeling better each day. He is such a handsome little guy...