Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feels Like Spring~

Temps here in the south
are far from Winter and feel more like Spring.
Most afternoons our littles are found outside playing.
Yesterday I watched them pull the wagon to the top of our yard
and begin a roller coaster ride game that
they would play until called in for dinner~

They had a ball~
LOVE this photo they were sweet enough
to let me shoot in the midst of their fun~
And they had to get a little tree climbing in too~
 They are an outside loving group of three
and I am thankful they love being out there together!


  1. Oh my!! weren't you afraid the wagon would tip over. I am such a worry wart. Looks like they had SO much fun. I LOVE your family blog. So look forward to it each day.

  2. Wow did they have loads of fun! I wish we had hills like that around here. Nothing but flat land for as far as the eye can see. :-)

    It really is wonderful seeing those three together and so happy. What a beautiful family you have.


  3. So FUN! This weather HAS been fabulous! Our temps are awesome too just a little too windy. Can't wait until Spring is here!

  4. That wagon pulling is too cute!! And yep, we are LOVING this winter so far. Unfortunately, our weather guy said February is going to be a WHOLE lot different. Sure hoping he gets that forecast very wrong! ;)

  5. That sure looks fun! We'll have to come over one afternoon, if that's ok! Max would LOVE to.

  6. Looks like a blast! It's been in the mid-50's in central IL lately & we are loving it. Such a nice change from the blizzard we had this time last year that dumped around 12" of snow on us!

  7. Our weather has been very spring like too. Cute pictures of the littles!

  8. Love to watch you sweet babies playing together! I was a little nervous about the wagon tipping, too. I'm a worry wart, too!:) So happy that they have each other.

  9. These photos are so sweet. I love to see them all playing together and the weather looks wonderful! Can't wait for mine to come home!!

  10. It's been warm here too but one has been sick. Cant wait to get outside again!

  11. Come to your blog, frequently, don't think I have ever commented, today, I am:-) BECAUSE your oldest daughter is precious! Such a sweet big Sister to love her little Sister and Brother so well!!

    That, that right there, is FAMILY!!!