Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As soon as EK was home from school,
the littles dressed in their silks for photos
and straight to the art table for lantern creations~

 We hung them with care 
along with our special red envelopes 
and dragon puppets~  
(Littles bought these dragons when we were in China to get WP. Had no idea it was year of the dragon!)
Scott came home with a huge bag of PF Changs
and it was time for our guests to arrive~
 We are so blessed that even though we live in a very small town
there are two other families with China blessings...
the Brooks and Warwick families~
and everyone gets along so well!
After a little hula hooping party~
everyone was ready to chow on some Chinese~
 (rockin' the chopsticks)

Our three families with ALL our precious blessings~
(well almost all of our's)
 This photo just makes my heart so full
because EK has always had lots of friends.
SJ has always wanted that one special friend too
and tonight she said Myla was her best friend...
 they are about 5 months apart
and just the cutest friends ever...
a very sweet way to begin a happy new year I think!
Blessings and love to everyone!!


  1. I love the dragons! where ever did you find them?

    Looks like a perfect start to CNY!


  2. Happy New Year!!! And do you know where you found those adorable chopsticks? We put some paper towel in between Perry's and then wrap a rubber band around them to make them easier to use. Ya'll's are a smidge more attractive! haha!! xoxo!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours! We missed you last weekend.


  4. What a sweet celebration. I love those special friends the kids have and I can't wait to see Jack's first. Happy CNY!!'

  5. Now I'm hungry!!!!! I love seeing the kids in the silks!! And most of tor blessings :)

  6. I'm so glad you could celebrate with the Brooks and Warwicks. Glad you had fun!

  7. Awesome, awesome pics !! What fun! Thanks for sharing those precious faces :) !!!!

  8. So much all their dresses and decorations for the New Year..Gung Hay Fat Choy from our family to yours. We do not have any other families in our town with China blessings but across the border we do have one friend we see with a little girl from China...but no CNY celebrations in our area..we did go out for dinner with them which was nice:)