Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Being the mom of seven beautiful children,
I see plenty of happy each day... (Sad too)
Today was no different.
I found a video of children @ SF singing Christmas songs on FB
and showed WP...
It made him SO happy and he truly remembers his sweet friends!

Later tonight when I said, "Bathtime!"
there was major happiness~
favorite time of the day other than eating. LOL
And what could bring any more happiness
than to have a house full of fun teenagers celebrating a bd~
Happy birthday Drew! (In the orange shirt)
 The gang is back together after their first semester
away at college... back to their hometown~
Who can believe it is only 5 days until Christmas?
We are plenty excited around here!!!

This would be our last family photo
without a little China blessing in the midst. :)


  1. Truly such happiness!! It's always so much fun to be with lots of good friends and family! xoxo Brooke

  2. So HAPPY for YOU! And for Willl!

    Fun to have a houseful of kids!