Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Beautiful Fall Day~

Scott had some big yard work to do today
since being in China the most part of November...
mainly getting up the million leaves in our front yard.
EK and SJ gathered leaves, pulled branches and berries,
and made a 'nest'~ 
  WP was SO excited to get outside after his nap~
 He made sure he got in the nest too~ :)

 Had to do a little rolling down the hill~
 EK called from her perch in the tree to say,
"Hey Dad I climbed my first tree." YIKES!
(SJ was right behind her!)
 As soon as Dad pulled the golf cart out,
it was full of littles wanting a ride~
 WP~ wanna be golf cart driver~
 Our hard working Dad~
and let me say our yard looks WAY better...
A beautiful Fall Day!

PS... WP has been home two weeks today.
~ He is feeling pretty secure in our house now 
and finds his way around
~ Sleeping very well at night and taking 2 hour naps during the day
~ He understands lots of English and says some phrases...
Thank you
Bye Bye, See Ya
Bless you
Yes, Yes
No, No
Eat (pointing to his mouth)
~Knows everyone in our family by name
~ Still speaks in Chinese and nods with a big smile 
~ He constantly calls Mama and Baba
~ Goes to sleep with his face only inches from my face
(arm over my neck)
~ Wakes me in the morning with kisses all over my face
I'd say he is adjusting to his Forever pretty well.
SO thankful!!!

Our Third Christmas Together~


  1. What a blessing. So wonderful! Thankful for his adjustments! : )

  2. Love, love, love the nest pictures!

    Can you even remember your life without Will?! It's like he has always been there! What a sweet blessing he is to your family!

  3. A nest! how fun! and such sweet Will preciousness!

  4. I love that he likes to be close to his Mama!


  5. Will sounds like a cute little snuggle bug!
    Love the "nest" pictures of your three littles, thanks for sharing your fun day!

  6. Sweet post about how he goes to sleep and wakes up. Love the fall leaf photos.

  7. Awwww, nothing like waking up to kisses from your sweet son!!! So happy to hear how well he's adjusted! Love the yard pics too! :)

  8. Just can't get over how HAPPY Will looks! So amazing! :)