Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Walk in the Park~ Dino Museum

My favorite part of Fuzhou is the beautiful park~
 Watching the people in their day to day activities~
 Our hotel across the lake~
 Some kids practicing their English on us.
They told Rosie she was very beautiful!~
 We made it to the Dinosaur Museum~

 WP enjoyed walking around like the big girls~

 Sweet WP~
 Then it was back to our walk in the park~

 Our hotel~
 This was an artist and we asked to make his photo.
I love shooting Scott with local people~

 It was so wonderful the rain was gone
and we were able to get out and take a long walk.
Blessings and love from China!


  1. Such a beautiful neat to know you are there now enjoying it! Wishing you peace and easy transition as you continue your time there:) Hugs and love, Jennifer

  2. wow, all so beautiful. You all look wonderful and beaming!


  3. Beautiful pictures! Love seeing Scott with his new friends! :)

  4. It has been a joy praying for y'all this week! What a delight it has been to see once again God's hand at work. Will looks at peace with his forever family. It has also been soooo good to revisit China via your posts...see the sights...the people...the food. Blessings again!

  5. What a fun day at the park! I love these pictures! I wonder what Will thought about the dinosaurs!

  6. Such a neat day. That park looks beautiful with all the red lanterns.

    Blessings to you!

  7. What an awesome park!! Thank you for letting us be apart of your journey. I just can't wait to meet WP. Such a cutie pie!

  8. I can now say that I have fond memories of the parks there, so beautiful. So happy to see the weather get nicer for you! I always love seeing the pictures.

    We prayed for you during our class last night. My community isn't filled with orphan care or adoption. It's nice to share another story that isn't ours. Aren't they all God's anyway? Thank you for being a blessing to us!

  9. Love it!! All of your photos are making me miss China even more!! I loved the parks and watching all of the people, too. I have enjoyed following your journey - WP looks so sweet! I can't wait to meet him!! We are continuing to pray for you all!!

  10. Ok, I'm ready to go to China. now. I <3 China.

  11. Love the pictures and places you are sharing! What amazing memories of China your family will have.

    And Will, he is so cute and looks so happy and cuddly. You must be enjoying your new SON! Congrats!

  12. WHat an amazing park!! So thankful it stopped raining for you!! Everyone looks great!!

  13. WP looks like he just fits right on it:) Congrats on your newest addition:)!!

  14. My absolute favorite pics are of WP, but I think 2nd place has to go to the pics of WP & his daddy. So sweet to see them together! ~Jackie

  15. That was my favorite part of Fuzhou, too... just beautiful! I only wish it wouldn't have rained so much when we were there, so we could have enjoyed it more. The first couple of days, we didn't venture out much because Khloe was having such a hard time ~ and of course, those were the 2 sunniest days! ;) Anyway, loving the photos and it sure does bring me back!!

    My friends, the Ferrills (Rob, Laine, "Granmart" {grandma}, and CREW just arrived in Fuzhou the other day to get their son Keith. They are adopting two children this trip. And get this: they BOTH resided at New Day Foster Home ~ and they already have a son (Kevin) that they adopted from NDFH in 2010! It was SUCH A God thing!! Anyway... They got Krisha from Urumqi first, and now Keith in Fuzhou. They are at the Lakeside, as well. If you're still there and you run into them, be sure to head over and say hello and let Laine know I told you about her... you will LOVE Laine and Rob ~ they have the biggest hearts for Jesus!

    Praying the rest of your travels go well and that there are no 'tantrums' along the way!!

    Love ya!

  16. Very beautiful pictures!!! That museum was incredible! Thanks for sharing!!