Sunday, November 20, 2011

There's NO Place Like Home~

That is the understatement of the year!
After getting WP's second IV drip,
we left the hotel @ 11am for the airport
wearing our Shepherd's Field tee shirts honoring them
 for loving WP and sharing such a precious gift with our family.
He still wasn't feeling all that well
but knew we had to get home.

There is no sugarcoating the return flight home!
The first leg to Seoul was just a three hour flight
and WP did awesome.
We had a short 2 hour layover and boarded for our marathon flight.
Everyone was great for the first couple of hours
but after that, it was the hardest 13 hours of our entire trip.
WP would fall asleep and wake up wailing
disturbing the whole back of the plane.
Many of the flight attendants would rush to us
trying to help us quiet him down.
Really the only thing that worked was standing with him in the back rocking back and forth.
If I sat with him, I had to sit extremely still
or he would wake up and wail again~
a vicious cycle for the whole trip.
My arms are SO sore today. :)
Not sure what was going on other than being sick
and maybe just not liking the plane at all.
Anyway, we made it and that's ALL that matters.
There's no place like home!

We arrived @ the airport about 6:20
and after making it through customs and immigration,
retrieving our bags twice, and going through security, 
we rode the escalator up to find~
(Thank you Amy for shooting photos!)
Seeing our family, especially our children
was the sweetest sight since WP Day~
 They all cheered and held up signs~
 SO thankful to be home~
 Amelia couldn't have been more excited~

Just taking it all in~
It was SO nice to have lots of help loading our luggage getting home. Our pastor and family came out on the church van
 to get us. Finally made it about 11:15ish.
My family was SO thankful to have us home~
It was a sweet time of reunion!

Everyone shared a little time inside for a while
and we were off to bath the littles.

 Girls couldn't WAIT to get their puppets out from China~

 I think we finally had WP in bed by 1:30ish
and he was asleep in a flash.
About 4:30 he cried and came to sleep rest of night with us.
How sweet he looked in his bed. :)
I must have been on an emotional high
and got tons done before I went to bed.
All suitcases were unpacked and two loads of laundry done!
I finally hit my pillow about 2:30 
and slept until 6.
WP slept until 6:30, EK to 8:45 and SJ~ 9:00! 
Everyone had a great day...
I will post about it tomorrow.
Our goal was to make it until 7 tonight
and we are almost there~ jet lag is SO hard.
Blessings and love from HOME!


  1. Thank you for taking time out of your jet-lagged state (know how rough that is!) to update us all! SOO excited that you are home and that Will can meet his WHOLE family now!!! <3

  2. you sound great! Have a great nights sleep!


  3. There is NO place like home, indeed :)
    Unpacked? You are amazing! Sounds like you're well on your way to being ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with nary a stray suitcase or remnant of jetlag! Way to go!

  4. What a homecoming! Hope WP is feeling better soon. I know you're glad to be home where you can take him to your own pediatrician if necessary. Sleep well! ~Jackie

  5. Sharon you are one amazing woman! So happy to see you arrived home safe and sound. Everyone looks great even after those long flights. Hope you're able to slow down and rest.



  6. So happy you made it home safe and sound! What a welcome sight to see your family and friends and best of all be back in your own home. How wonderful to see Will home with his family!

  7. So excited so see all of this. With tear filled eyes....Congratulations:)

  8. YEAH!!! The picture that stole my heart was the one of Will Perry in HIS bed!!! God is SO SO good!!! xoxo Brooke

  9. Welcome home to all of the Ankerichs! What a true blessing! Thanks for sharing with us! Look forward to WP learning about family!

  10. So thrilled for you all to be home!! The bigs look so very excited to see everyone again!! I'm so sorry the long flight was so hard, I don't think I slept at all either on my way home but I did not have jet lag at all coming home either. Welcome home:)

  11. Welcome home!

    I am so sorry to hear that Will is so sick. Somehow I missed that! Hope he is feeling better soon!

    You are one amazing mom! Enjoy your new little man! Love the welcome home posters!

  12. Welcome Home!

    Continuing to pray for a quick healing for WP and quick recovery from jetlag! rock...2 loads of laundry?!? Know that must have felt good!

  13. So happy you are home and the flight is behind you. Praying for a quick recovery from jet lag!

  14. WELCOME HOME!!!! :)

    Wow, what a journey! "There's no place like HOME!" really is an understatement after that LONG flight! It was tough on both Khloe and I, too. I remember the flood of emotions just coming home SO clearly. Though I wasn't nearly as ambitious as you! Unpacked AND 2 loads of laundry done the first night! Can you say: SUPER-mama!!?!!

    Praying that WP continues to settle into his new home with ease and that your 'new' normal is quickly into place. Can't wait to hear how everyone is doing and how he's enjoying settling in. Your family are all SO beautiful and I loved every photo ...they are all just PRICELESS!

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  15. So glad you are home safe and on your on turf. Sweet little Will is such a cutie. Thanks again for sharing your journey. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Welcome Home!
    I'm so happy to see WP with his family!
    We also had a horrible flight home from China with Harper. At least your flight attendants were sympathetic towards you.

    Home Sweet Home!

  17. so glad you're home and getting settled in. That was so nice about the pastor coming and bringing your family on the church that's a great's nice to have support from your church family.

  18. Welcome Home!! I've been reading your blog posts while you've been in China....what a blessing to now be home with your entire family! Will is just a doll baby! It looks like the 3 "littles" are just perfect together! Praying you all transition easily into your new "normal" together! What a precious picture of Will sleeping in his new bed!

    Much Love,
    Jenny C.

  19. Welcome Home!!! So good to see everyone together!

  20. OK...You've put the rest of us to shame!! You shouldn't make us look so bad!! So glad you're home. I know you'll have an extra thankful Thanksgiving this year!! Jetlag wasn't near as bad this time around for me...praying the same for you!!

  21. WELCOME home Sharon!! I hope you are getting the much needed and deserved sleep you need!!!

    These photos say it all!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. I'm so happy to see you home safe and sound. I love the "group hug" with Savannah, Amelia, EK, SJ, and Max. That sign Max is holding is bigger than he is! So sweet to see Will cuddle with Savannah, just like JingJing did when she was first home.

  23. Oh look at the happy family all together it!

  24. This brought tears to my eyes. Such loving photos and family!