Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Banyon Temple/ Local Shopping~

We loaded a BIG bus today with 5 other BAAS families
and headed to Six Banyon Temple this morning.
We LOVE our guide Elvin~ so nice!

 We have a great travel group of 6 families from...
Tenn, Iowa, Florida, Texas, and Georgia~

 Sweet WP~ such a fun little boy~
 SO thankful another mom asked if she could snap our photo~
 My boys minus Josh~

 Back on the bus together~

 We always let WP get in the stroller when we get back to hotel
and he LOVES it.
Thanks to the Niemyer's for letting us bring it to China!
From the looks of EK~ it's nap time. :)
Blessings and love from China!


  1. I'm so glad Rosie is getting to experience China again! I can't wait to go someday! I love the picture of SJ and WP on the bus. Sooo sweet! Glad you all are doing well and I love reading your posts!

  2. I think you are going to need to keep that stroller!!

    Looks like a fun day out and about! What do the locals think of you guys with your China Littles?! No doubt they think you're lucky or blessed, but do they stare? Say anything?

  3. Oh my word! I love, love, love your first family picture with Will. It's just precious!

    I am also curious to know what the locals think!