Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Week Home Today~

On one hand, can't believe we've been home a week
and on the other, seems it's been longer.
We may be coming out of the jet lag fog
due to sleeping arrangement changes.
EK and SJ just couldn't get used to sleeping upstairs away from us
and honestly, I was tired of climbing stairs every two hours.
WP wasn't sleeping in his bed very well either SO
the girls are back in their old bed and WP is in our bed.
Last night, we all made it through the night
with only two bathroom runs.

 For the most part, WP is happy and adjusting well.
He feels much better and has his appetite back.
He is coming to Scott and I for all his needs
and playing 'pretty' well with his sisters...
as long as he gets his way and they let him have what he wants. :)
He calls me constantly and kisses me often.
He LOVES going outside with his Baba!
He feels comfortable enough to pitch a fit if he's upset.
He loves playing with his train and little people~
thinking he may be an action figure kid.
I think he's doing pretty well...
One Week Home Today!


  1. You all sound like you are doing well. Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend.

    Did you get any shopping in?


  2. Yay! Love all those action figures:), both my boys loved them! So glad you all are getting settled. We just moved Madeline upstairs to her new room with Janie. She was downstairs every night for a week and has done great since then. Harder to do with 2 though!

  3. Wow I can't believe it's been a week already! You amaze me with your stamina and encourage me for when we get Lily home. It's good that I am reminded to be prepared for sleepless nights for a while.
    It's so wonderful to see Will home with his family!

  4. Time sure does fly...but I'm with you, it always seems like it's been longer. Crazy how it works. I'm glad you've got a system that works better at night. Whatever it takes to get a good night's sleep!!

  5. So glad everyone is adjusting so well. I agree..whatever it takes to get a good night sleep for now. Happy one week home!!!

    I love ya!!

  6. Yay for more sleep. It sounds like he is adjusting well and that smile just gets brighter and brighter. You guys are doing amazing. Love your sweet family.