Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Old Street Fuzhou~

Today was one of the tour days
where we are basically killing time waiting on paperwork
to be finished so we can move onto Guangzhou.
We have the sweetest guide, Penny
and she took us to an old street in Fuzhou that has been redone.
Lots of rich Chinese live down the corridors of it. 
Getting ready to walk~

Where the rich call home~

Scott loves hanging out with the older locals. They all shook hands with him.  A smile is universal!

SO thankful!

Me and my baby boy~

The Bitty Babies~

Our Littles~

Will Perry and his Baba~

Back at the hotel having a little lunch~
Things about WP~
~He is very happy but knows what he wants...
pitched a royal fit yesterday for about 20 min because he didn't
get to go with Scott and the girls to walk.
~He is a big eater but SO tiny...
Only thing he hasn't really eaten is anything green. :)
~His hair is very fine and thin and LOVES to wear his hat.
~He LOVES all his new clothes...
his favorites are his hat, belt, and shoes.
~He wants to be held all the time when we are out of the room
but I carry him in the carrier all the time anyway...
when he's in the room, his favorite thing to do is play in the closet.
They pretend they are riding in a train.
He yells, "Bye bye mama!" :)
~He says says Xie Xie (thank you) anytime you do anything for him... he understands lots of English and constantly babbles
in Chinese. He looks at us and just smiles!

Our time in Fuzhou is going wonderfully~
we love it here and after rest are on the way to the 
dinosaur museum.
Blessings and love from China!


  1. OMG!! I love your photos and love the things about Will Perry. How cute it that? How thankful he is to have such a wonderful family. I LOVE IT!! Can't wait for our turn.

  2. Love hearing about Will and seeing your pics. So glad you have a good guide. That makes all the difference. Blessings to you!

  3. Sharon,

    We are in crazy packing mode here...but please know I am reading with GREAT interest every post!!! Will is doing happy for you all!! What a sweet sweet addition to your family!


  4. I am loving reading all about Will Perry. He is so very precious. LOVE the pic of you all and the littles in the street, what a gorgeous place. XOXO

  5. Wow! Will sounds like the sweetest little guy! Cute pictures!

  6. You are right about a smile being universal! I love tht! So sweet to hear More about Will Perry's likes and dislikes! He sounds like a typical little boy!

  7. Love reading all of your posts Shay, they're making me miss Fuzhou!! Will is precious and definitely ALL boy!!


  8. I just love these pictures from this day! Beautiful! Love hearing about WP too--sounds like he is doing great! So glad all is going well! :)

  9. I love when he smiles and his eyes disappear...makes my heart so warm Sharon!!! :) He is absolutely adorable! Love all the things you posted about him and how he talks and what he understands. so sweet!

  10. These are some GREAT photos from Fuzhou... I may have to 'borrow' some of them for Khloe's book, even though we didn't get to all of those same sights personally, they are just neat to see! I love that you got to visit part of the 'old' (rich!) Fuzhou... very neat. I love the way the red lanterns line the walkways. And those universal smiles... YES, yes they are just that!! Neat photos and I'm enjoying every single post!! Sounds like you are learning a LOT about your little man already. He sure is a CUTIE PIE!!