Monday, November 14, 2011

Medical Exam~

Today was our Medical Exam day for WP.
EK and SJ were really happy it wasn't for them. :)
We made it to the island about 10:30
and went through 4 stations.
The first was height, weight, and temp.
WP cried when he saw the thermometer thinking it was a shot~ 
The last update on WP was that he weighed about 25 lbs
but today I found out I've been carrying a 29 lb boy all week~ :)
 The second was ENT~
 It's ok WP~
 The third was the actual physical exam~
 And finally the TB test... NOT fun but~
 Elvin offered WP a piece of candy and he was fine!~
 Then we were off for a bank visit~

 And lunch with our sweet friends, Robin and Christy~
 After a little shopping on the island,
we went with our travel group to Pedestrian Street~

 and did a little shopping at Pearl and Jade market~
 To say we were tired tonight is an understatement
AND EK is running a fever so please pray for her to feel better!
Supposed to visit a local park tomorrow but we will see
how everyone sleeps and is feeling when we wake up.
Blessings and love from China!


  1. Glad that physical is over! You are getting closer to home!! 29 pounds is a heavy load!! Will be praying for EK to feel had a busy day...Did you carry WP all the way to the pedestrian mall? We walked there a few times but couldn't have carried Gracie all that way!! They all look precious!


  2. So glad you made it through the medical exam with flying colors. Seeing Will with those big tears falling down is face is heart breaking. I cannot even imagine carrying him all over in the sling. You must be exhausted beyond belief each night. Hope you're able to rest and EK is feeling better in the morning.


  3. Yeah the hard part is almost done! Jack saw the same doctor and he was not gentle at all. I didn't think he would forgive us. Hope EK feels better soon. Praying.

  4. Oh, what an experience. Sounds like a long day. You are on the home stretch!

  5. Praying for EK. Miss that shopping experience it is so much fun. Praying you feel well rested tomorrow.

  6. Hi! PLEASE say "NiHao" to Elvin for us!!! He was our guide for Emme Jade!!!!

    We loved him!!!!

    Prayers for good health and rest as you make your way HOME!!!


  7. Sounds like a full day! Hope you found some good treasures at the pearl and jade market... that place is overwhelming without a guide to lead you in the right direction!

    Praying you enjoy some good rest as you begin to prepare for your travels back home. God bless! <><

  8. Rachel is dreaming about EK now. She had a dream you all came home early ; ) We are counting down the days. We ate Chinese food yesterday and Rachel ate with chopsticks. We talked about you a lot while she attempted that. She finally switched to a fork. We are praying for all of your health. We are happy to hear that things seem to be going well. We love you guys!!!!

  9. So glad that WP had a great doctor's appt. and made it through! A brave boy! I'm sorry to hear that EK is sick. I hope she's feeling better!

  10. So glad sweet Will made it through the exam with his mama to comfort him. Gosh, 29 lbs... no wonder your arms look so good! The girls seem to be doing well. No Mr. Green this time around? Has the trip brought back any memories for JingJing?

    Enjoy every minute you have left. (Don't be afraid to have some down time.) It must be wonderful to see the other children with their forever families, too. Will looks like he is right where he belongs!

  11. I do love seeing all the famili united in the background of some of the pictures! It is so sweet!

    Will must be compact, cause he looks even tinier than that!

    So glad the medical exam portion is OVER!!

    Not much longer now until you'll be home with all 7 of your kids having Sunday dinner!