Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gotcha Will Perry~

Today we flew to Fuzhou, Fujian
where Will Perry's providential orphanage is located.
We were escourted by Sara
and met with the orphanage staff @ 3:30
for WP's official gotcha~
Happy to have his mama and baba.

The Boys

I am showing WP his baby picture on his finding ad.

The girls and Sata

Our happy family!

Then it was a little bubble time!
We couldn't be more thrilled to be back in Fuzhou
this year~ spent a week here last year too! 
We have an early morning so I am off to bed.
Blessings and love!
PS. WP did excellent on the flight
and Rosie is feeling a little better. 


  1. Sharon, I am SO happy for you! It looks like everything is going great!! WP could not be any cuter and looks like he fits in perfectly!!


  2. so glad to hear things are going so well. Still thinking of you!


  3. So, so, so happy for you!! WP is precious!!


  4. Love the pic of "the boys" made me smile big:). Thrilled that Rosie is feeling better. It looks like the trip is going so well, so very thankful, and Will Perry is too precious for words!!

  5. So happy to see you back in Fujian!! Glad Rosie is feeling better and THRILLED Will did well on the flight!

    Are you happy to be at a hotel? Enjoy seeing Isabel!

  6. It looks like your little man is doing amazingly well. Your beautiful family is even more beautiful now!!!

  7. Y'all look like you have been together forever...Blessings to y'all

  8. Happy Gotcha Day!!! SO glad it's finally here!!!

  9. Looks like Will has blended into your family perfectly. :-)

  10. WP looks like he's been with you his whole life. GOD is GREAT.

  11. So joyful for all of you. Love following your journey as it is just a year since we brought Sarah home. She was from Fuzhou, too. :)

  12. So glad to see everything is going well. Cute pictures! Happy, happy Gotcha Day!

  13. I'm sitting here with a huge smile of my face! So happy for you that it's OFFICIAL...Will Perry is finally yours, now and forever!! God is so very good indeed!

    Love all the pictures of WP...he looks like he is doing so well..praising God for that! Especially love the one of 'the boys'...betting they are going to be stickin' together now!! haha

  14. Sharon,
    It looks like God has so faithfully orchestrated the details and answered your prayers. What a blessing to spend the weekend at Shepherd's Field and to travel with Will!!! I love seeing that precious little boy in your family.. Clearly, he was meant to be!!!! He is PRECIOUS!!! Congratulations!

    Hugs from MN,

  15. Looks like WP has defi. made himself part of the fam, what a cutie with a smile! :)

  16. It looks like he's doing GREAT! I am SO incredibly happy...hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly and can't wait to see more pics soon! :)

  17. Sharon,
    I'm just catching up on it all. I'm so happy for you, your family, and little WP. He is a sweet boy.

    The photo of the gap kids is precious! I love it!

    Prayers that you return home safely.

  18. Gosh...I miss Fuzhou. So happy to see you guys there. Wish we there too :) Will looks like he's doing amazingly well. We're praying for you guys. I saw the picture of you guys at the Purple Flower restaurant. Izzy said "that's the place where the air conditioner was freezing me out" :) The funny things they remember. Love to you all. lisa