Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Garden~

Leaving Fuzhou was bittersweet
with it being home to two of our babies
but it was SO time to move on...
to bigger things and The Garden is BIGGER!
Here is the view from our 15th story window~

Everyone did GREAT on the China Southern flight and
we are SO happy to be on our last leg of the trip.
This is the closest thing to home~
Guess who's happy about it???~
 (Decided to let WP wear same clothes one more day. :)
 Having a little snack lunch and kicking back for the day!
Blessings and love from China.


  1. I am loving SJ's hand on her hip like her big sister's!!!

  2. Looks very familiar to me! Visit the Banana Leaf and don't forget to get all you guys the family foot massages down the street, down the steps, to the right when come out of hotel.

  3. So glad ya'll are getting to relax and enjoy your time in China. :) You'll be home before you know it! xoxo Brooke

  4. Looks really relaxing! Do all the rooms have the living area? Great to spread out your stuff!

    Enjoy this last leg! Love SJ with her arm around Will Perry!

  5. Wow! What a fabulous view! Enjoy your last few days in China!

  6. Such cool pictures of the city!!! What a great view!!