Monday, November 21, 2011

Days and Nights~

My sweet family understands how hard this adjustment is
and prepared the most yummy early Thanksgiving feast.
Wish I had snapped pics of everyone.
It was SO wonderful to sit down to a home cooked meal~
 WP Loved the butterbeans~
 The big kids table~
I could NOT be more thankful for my family~
They had been so supportive through our whole process~
Our days and nights are SO mixed up.
We all went to bed last evening around 7.
About 10:30, SJ needed to use bathroom
and never went back to sleep all night.
WP woke up about 1:30 and never went back to sleep.
They were both in our bed for a second night
and we couldn't lie there any longer.
Got up about 4am~
(They were about to starve!)
 WP still wasn't feeling very good today
so we took him Dr. Morgan's...
This was WP's first carseat ride.
He was a rock star rider!~

 Sweet Dr. Morgan!~
 After the dr, we took WP for his first dinner out...
On the Border~
 Then we headed to Target~

 For WP a pair of shoes which he had to wear out of the store~
 Very cute~
Once again, I can barely hold my eyes open
so headed to bed.
Blessings and love to you al! 


  1. I have to laugh right now reading your post. We did the same exact thing two days after we were home. We went out to eat, headed to Target and bought Carissa her first pair of tennis shoes. It was also her first ride in her new car set (other than the screaming ride home from the airport).

    Praying the jet lag gets better soon. That is the worst part of adoption!!

  2. So sorry about the jet lag, I know it is awful!!

    Your sweet babies are beautiful, Sharon!!! ♥

  3. Look, just look, that baby is sitting in YOUR kitchen?!?!!? Oh my how amazing is that picture :)

  4. It is too surreal seeing Will in your house!!!

  5. love you sweet lady...hang in are doing GREAT:)

  6. Will is so cute in his car seat. Nothing better than getting Mexican and going to Target to get back in the groove. Hang in there, praying for sleep for the littles tonight!

  7. Oh goodness...praying you all sleep tonight! Exhaustion is no fun! Thank God for loving family to bless you with home cooking!!!

  8. Oh - I just love to read about the happenings of your family! So very exciting! Congratulations to all of you!

  9. So happy your home!!! I am so excited for all of you!! Happy Thanksgiving!!You sure do have so much to be thankful for!

    Love you!!

  10. Sweet dreams. Here's to hoping the kids start sleeping longer hours so mommy and daddy can do some catching up, too. It took me nearly 3 weeks to feeling 'normal' after we returned. Mostly because Khloe wasn't sleeping well. It was tough. The good thing is, you know it only lasts for awhile.

    Glad to see you out and about and shopping at Target!! :) I bet WP feels pretty cool in his new shoes! ;) Looks like a nice doctor you have there, too. The photo of all the kids on her lap is cute! Hope WP is on the mend and feeling much better soon. Maybe the antibiotics will help him to sleep better, too!!


  11. Hooray for your sweet family and a home cooked meal!

    Will was the perfect addition to your family! You are sooo blessed!

    Sweet dreams!

  12. I know it is so very good to be home!


  13. Bless your heart. Jet lag is hard. I tried those same shoes on Jack yesterday but they didn't have his size.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear that it was a rough night! i really hope last night went better for you guys! We had a great time hanging out with you all on Sunday!

  15. Everyone looks so happy. Sorry about the rought nights but it will pass very soon. So So happy for you all. Happy Thanksgiving to you all:)