Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 1~ A Perfect Day

Will Perry is doing amazingly well.
We still can't believe we are here.
After meeting for the first time,
we decided it was best if we moved back to our room
so WP would feel a little more secure.
He sat for I know two hours,
pulling stickers and sticking them in his sticker book~

WP has been pretty happy all day~

The littles have fallen in love with Jamie~
WP loved his first bath and the girls were so excited~
Two little bittys ready for bed. 
They are SO sweet together!~ 
 God has given us another precious blessing.
One that we didn't even dare to hope for.
WP is sweet, extremely good snuggle bug,
thoughtful, smart, and happy.
We couldn't have asked for more
and Shepherd's Field has been a great home for him!!!

To HIM be the glory...
GREAT things He has done!!!


  1. WP is the most precious little thing!! I am so glad he has found his way into your family FOREVER!!! God is GREAT!!! Xoxo Brooke

  2. That last pic of Sj and Wp together brought tears to my eyes. They are going to be such great friends. Love that things are going so great.

  3. Love the pic of you & the 3 littles! Sounds like Will was loved on a lot while you were waiting for each other. ~Jackie

  4. Wow, again!! So amazing to see Will Perry in YOUR arms, smiling at your (HIS!) family!! He has no idea how awesome lifes gonna be!

  5. So so happy for you all..Will Perry is sure a cutie and look how he fits right in like he was always meant to be. Have a great time getting to know your little man:)

  6. I love the pics....too precious for words!

  7. He already looks like yours!! So good to hear things are going well so far. Keep up the good work :) God is So smart

  8. So happy to hear all went well!!! He is an absolute doll!!

    Continuing to pray for you!!!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  9. My goodness! It is so nice to hear everything is going so well. Blessing upon blessing! Can't wait for more!

  10. WP fits right in to the cuteness! thinking of you lots!


  11. He is SO precious. All three are totally meant to be together.

  12. I thought it was Ella Kate in the tub, they look alike! Congratulations!!

  13. Can't tell you how happy these pictures made me!! The only thing better would be if I could be there cuddling all your kids along with Jamie! :)

  14. So glad everything is going well. I think of you guys often during the day, knowing that you guys are having fun getting to know WP. LOve the photos.

  15. this brought tears to my eyes!I am so excited for you! It makes me yearn even more so for the day we can bring our sweet boy home!Blessings...

  16. Another precious blessing! I love those pictures!

  17. What a handsome guy! I love seeing all three littles together! He fits in just perfectly! I am sooo excited for you!

  18. So happy to see your son in your arms! As you know, we were there in August. Will be keeping you in prayer as you continue your journey in China.

    Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, Eli, and Sophia

  19. What a blessing. My heart is full for you and for him. Can't wait to see him blossom...wait, what do you say for boys?!

    Precious! Such sweet first days together.

  20. Love the pictures, Will is just precious and oh so handsome! Glad to hear all is going smoothly for your family. Praying big sis feels better quickly. Joyous journey!

  21. Just LOVE that last photo of WP and SJ all snuggly together! I still think they look so much alike!!! So happy for you all, Sharon. Praying that all sickness in your family subsides so that everyone is healthy for your travels.