Monday, November 7, 2011

Civil Affairs Day~

Today we all were up in the five o'clock hour again.
(Definitely better than the three o'clock one!)
We are all having trouble getting on China time
and sleeping through the night.
Always can't wait for seven~
that's when breakfast is served! :)

After breakfast we met our guide Penny
in the lobby to head to the Civil Affairs building
to make Will Perry's adoption official~
Rosie is rocking the camera this week! YAY!!!

The girls have made friends with another family that is here this week. There are four families in all in Fuzhou. One is coming Wednesday with 3 adults and nine small kids~ and y'all thought WE were crazy. LOL

Making it all official.

WP putting his stamp of approval on the whole thing.

It's official~ WP is an Ankerich and will carry our name on!!!

Civil Affairs Building~ very surreal to be back here only one year later.

Precious boy through and through. SO loving and LOVES to be held.

After a big morning and quick trip to the market, we were all ready for a nap. The boys are kicking back. 

WP is just the sweetest!
He loves to be held and is such a cuddler.
He gives his mama and baba kisses.
He likes being in the carrier and I carry him everywhere we go.
When he is down, he is SO much fun.
All boy but SO sweet.
He and the girls are getting along great~ they share and play well.
We are SO thankful to be on this journey
and taking EVERY bit of China in.
We LOVE it here and cherish every moment!!!
Blessings and love to all!


  1. So thrilled to see all of you. You look great!!

  2. Sounds glad he seems to be doing well and yall are having fun!! Hugs sweet friend:)

  3. Love the pics and so glad everything is going well. Glad Rosie is feeling better.

  4. LOVE THAT THIS IS GOING SO SMOOTHLY!!! We are so so thrilled for your whole family!

  5. Wow! God is good. So happy everything is going well. Glad to hear Rosie is feeling better too! Blessings!

  6. How big is Will? I know you are tiny, so it's hard to gauge! Rosie looks like she is feeling better - praise God! Crazy about getting up so EARLY! Makes me chuckle a little :) the weather looks nice!

  7. Yay!!! SO glad to know that Will is an official member of your family now!

  8. The picture of his kissy lips is my FAVE! :) He is SUCH a of the sweetest little guys I have ever met! <3 <3