Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Better Night and Day~

In China, we had two rooms in both hotels
so I had king bed with two littles.
SJ became very comfortable sleeping with me
so coming home to her own bed has not been an easy transition.
She still wants to sleep with me and that's great
considering she has only been home a little over a year.
Last night, I started the night about 8 with WP
then about 10:30 I took SJ to the bathroom.
She begged to come to my bed and I relented.
EK woke up with a bad dream,
so I brought her back to her old bed.
I went back to my bed
and by midnight, it was evident that WP needed me again
so I crawled back into bed with him.
Everyone had a whole night's sleep~ Yay!
Can you believe WP slept 16 and a half hours~
I can say he acted and felt so much better today.
We took him outside for a while
and went for a golfcart ride and
 We rode up to see the horse and he wasn't too sure about him~
 Decided he would just look and not touch~
I think he likes being here at home
and playing with his sisters.
The big ones and little ones. :)
We are all off to bed again about 8
and honestly, I can't WAIT!!!
Blessings and love!


  1. All I could think of was musical beds! LOL
    So glad you all got to rest.
    I love seeing Scott with his boy!!

  2. I just love seeing WP home with his forever family. Soon you will all recove from the trip and be feeling more rested. Looks like everyone is happy and healthy..such a beautiful sight.:)

  3. SO glad ya'll are finally getting back into a normal routine! WP looks like he's totally LOVING life!!! xoxo Brooke

  4. wow, I can't believe I am seeing WP at home with his family. AWESOME.

    Hope you get a good nights rest.


  5. Hope you don't play musical beds tonight:) so glad you all are starting to settle in!

  6. So glad you all made it home safely. I followed your whole China journey and it was beautiful and amazing (even the tough parts)!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  7. Oh my goodness, it is just so awesome seeing little Will Perry in his GAP shirts doing "normal" stuff! He's HOME! He has a FAMILY! It's perfect, Sharon, and worth losing a little sleep for!!

  8. Praying for sweet sleep tonight!!

  9. I just love to see WP in these photos!!! It is still so hard to believe he's home!!!!!!!!!! I love the photos of WP looking at the cute!!!

    I love you

  10. The jet lag on the way home is just wicked I think. Hoping you all can get a good nights sleep tonight. WP is doing awesome and looks so great right where he belongs...with his forever family!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shay!!


  11. Sounds like everyone got a full night's sleep except YOU!! That's always the way! That is great that all the kiddos slept! Makes things SO much better!!!

  12. WP looks so darling in his bed :) He looks so tiny in such a big bed :)

  13. What a sweet post! So glad things are going well!

  14. So, which bed did you sleep in? =) Hope you all are getting good rest. Your family is even more lovely with that little man in it.

  15. Even though you guys are dealing with horrific jetlag, these pictures show how wonderful WP is doing at home. Home is where the heart is...


    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. So praying the jetlag is quick lived(Ours was recently horrible lasting for weeks...I'm remember wanting to go back to China because it was soooo bad) With the beds you do what you have to do...nothing lasts forever and they eventually return to their bed and routine. So glad you have that sweet little guy home for Thanksgiving.....Have a HAPPY one..I know you will. ( I pray he's on the mend)

  17. So so sweet. WP is blessed to have found you and I know he is blessing you right back!

  18. Love seeing little Will in his Daddy's arms!

    Hope everyone feels much better and sleep is overrated, especially for us mommys...sometimes it took us two years to finally get a full night of sleep!

  19. I got dizzy reading that! Picturing a few little bags under your eyes and the need for a venti coffee extra SUGAR in the morning!!! But if anyone could make it look easy and effortless it is you my sweet friend! I know my life is going to look exactly the same when I get home with Ivy only I wont make it lood effortless haha. Bryan will have Lexi used to sleeping with him and naps and bed time will be all over the place, candy and eggs for breakfast, baths every 3 days, mismatched clothes, laundry everywhere......oh gosh I just stressed myself out!!! Blessed by your family, Blessed by you!!! Mary