Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rosie's Homecoming

Homecoming weekend has been on our minds for a while~
especially the dress and shoes not to mention hair and makeup.
Rosie and I went dress shopping one day
but didn't find anything.
Later she went shopping with a friend and her mom
and on the way out of the mall, she found her dress~

 She did her own hair and makeup~ beautiful. :)

Her friends arrived at our house around 5:30 for pics~
Sweet sweet friends.

We took lots and lots of photos~
Rosie and Hayden~
Leslie, Betsy, Blair, and Brooke~
Matching feet~
The kids danced the night away until about 10:30
then Scott picked them and brought them to our house.
After everyone changed,
they headed out to the bonfire and made smores.
  Wasn't long before the party crashers made it back 
from the Georgia game~
I think everyone had a great time
and we are more than to happy to hang with this group anytime! :)


  1. WOWSA!!! She looks BEAUTIFUL!! Love the dress....what a great choice!

    Looks like they all had a wonderful night~



  2. So fun that they all came back to your house! I remember MANY late nights at our house, I sure hope I have the energy for the next batch:) I've always loved having everyone at our house too:)

  3. Wow. Homecoming dresses have sure changed since I was in High School a million years ago.

    She looks beautiful!

  4. I LOVE her dress!! I also LOVE that they all came back to your house!!!! Seriously,you are living the dream!!

  5. What a great group of kids! They all look beautiful! I absolutely LOVE her dress, would you mind sharing where it is from?