Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Healthy Jingy~

Today SJ (Jingy) had her 4 year old check up
and boy has she grown in one year.
(Wore this paper gown for about a minute)
She has gained 7 pounds and grown 3 inches...
50% for weight and 25% for height.
She had to get a finger stick and 6 shots
(a VERY brave girl!)~
SJ, EK, and I all got our flu shots
getting ready to go to China.
We were all very happy to be back in our car
headed home!!!~
 We couldn't be more thankful
that our precious Jingy is healthy and happy!
Thank you Dr. Morgan~
we LOVE you!


  1. 6 shots! Poor girl (and momma!). I can't believe Will is almost home! Yay!

  2. Oh my word! The poor little thing! What a tough little cookie! Kamree had four last year and I thought that was bad!

    Hurry up, China!

  3. Yay for the clean bill of health!! And yay for getting shots for china :)

  4. Glad you got a good report. 6 shots that's worth 2 lollipops and 5! I love her leopard print carseat...

  5. Whoo hoo for being such a healthy girl!! I saw the pic up on FB yesterday and was afraid she was sick. She's a brave girl with all of those shots.

    China's getting closer and closer... ;)

    xoxo Gail

  6. That 4 year old check up is a mean one! Bri got 5 shots that visit. I'm so glad your girl is so happy and healthy!

  7. Praise for perfect health! Love the paper robe picture.