Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When EK was 3 years old,
she got a little scarecrow and named him Sam.
She played with him just like a real boy...
I think she loved it because he was just her size.

Even though we are decorating on the sparse side this season,
she really wanted to get Sam out
and guess who else LOVED Sam?
Yes~ SJ! :)
 She loved holding him~
 She loved taking photos with him~
 She looked to see if he had ears~
 She decided he was just her size~ :)
 Then decided just Will's size~ :)
 She decided this lady is Sam's momma~
 She loved talking to him just like he was real~
A very sweet photo shoot and
 I am sure Will is going to love Sam too. :)


  1. Will is definitely going to love Sam! Loves these of SJ. She's so adorable. :-) Can't believe how much EK has grown.

  2. I love that they are just about the same size. Too cute!

  3. I don't know who is cuter -- the girls or Sam! I bet Will likes him too!

  4. Do you read Sonia's blog? His Hands,His Feet:Love Poured Out. If not you have to go over there and read about God's handiwork wirh her heart fellow! Too beautiful!!!!

  5. Love the retro pictures of EllaKate! SamCrow is cute - Will is going to love him for sure!