Monday, September 26, 2011

Football Fun~

One of the best things about football games
is enjoying the game with others
and such was the case a couple of weeks ago
with Jason and Amy~
 Max was SO excited to see Rosie cheering~
 Jason, Amy, Max, and Adelyn~
 Precious Max~
 Adorable Adelyn~
 Our littles loved hanging with their littles~
Amelia and John Daniel~

This past Friday night we traveled about an hour away
and right as the game was starting,
the sky was beautiful~ 
 Rosie and Betsy~
 SJ is very serious about eating roasted peanuts~
 The best was having Amelia and John Daniel
home from college for the weekend~
 Someone has a little inside thing going on with a certain cheerleader to get all these little footballs~ ;)
Fall is definitely the best time to be waiting for travel to China...
we have plenty to keep us busy and look forward to.

Adoption update~
Our Article 5 was dropped off on Friday so we wait
about 10 or so working days for it to be picked up
and then wait for TA~ travel approval.
At that point, we will know exactly when we are leaving! Yay!


  1. Hooray for high school football games! It looks like everyone had a blast! Cute pictures!

  2. Praying the TA comes soon! I am so looking forward to your visit. Until then, I enjoy reading about the every day life of your precious family :)

  3. Cheers for your wait to Will as it is getting so close to travel! Very exciting!
    Maybe someday you'll be cheering him on from the stands as he plays football?...and your littles cheering?

  4. I am thrilled that this wonderful time in your life is about to roll around one more time. I am so happy for all of you. Sweet Will your family is coming soon!!!

    Love and Kisses,

  5. all your photos are so sweet :) yay for football (we are in the same boat with Jonah!)

    Cannot wait for photos from China where you are holding Will! You have been on my heart a lot lately!!!!

    sending lots of hugs & prayers!
    xo ellie

  6. Jason and Amy have the cutest family!

    Hooray for waiting for TA! Aren't we ready already!?

  7. Such beautiful pics!!! Wow!! thanks for sharing and we had a wonderful time that night with everyone! hopefully we can go to one or two more before hte end of the season rolls around. :)