Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bike Riding and Picnicking~

Last evening after dinner,
we were all out in our yard and Scott asked EK if was ready
to take the training wheels off her bike.
I guess teeth pulling and bike riding must go hand in hand~

Scott has taught all the girls to ride their bikes in the grass
and did a great job with EK.
Completely worn out when it was time to go inside~




Whoo hoo~
And would you believe she had a fever later that night?

Yes, she woke up about midnight burning up
so couldn't go to school.
Guess who was sad and who was happy?
Between spikes of fever,
they had fun playing like old times. :)
Because I was on my computer for a little while this morning,
they set up a picnic on the coffee table right under me.

And to top off the day...
Scott pulled EK's other top front tooth
so she is officially snaggle tooth and SO beautiful!!!
Would you ever know she is running a 103 temp???
Off to the doctor tomorrow.


  1. So sweet...and growing up! I love the guests they invited to their picnic. :) ~Jackie

  2. Congrats! Hope she feels better in the morning.

  3. What a sweet smile she has now! Congrats to EK for learning how to ride without training wheels...and sick on top of all that. Hope she's feeling better soon.

  4. I love her uncertain smile before trying to ride her cute!! and I love her toothless smile too!!! Sure hope she feels better in the morning!

  5. Wow! What an exciting day! Sorry to read about the fever though. Hope she is feeling better soon!

  6. feel better soon EK! love the toothless smile