Homecoming Week & Admiral's Crew~

Friday, September 30, 2011

This week was one of celebration leading up to homecoming.
Both Rosie and EK dressed up each day.
Monday was Tacky Day
and Tuesday~ Camo Day~
 Wednesday was Mardi Gras
and Thursday was 70s Day~
and today was crazy hair day plus 
Admiral's Crew Student of the month.
Guess who was chosen from her class?~
Yes, EllaKate.
Earlier in the week,
Mrs. Gurley had spoken to them about responsibility
and said someone would be chosen from their room.
Both EK and Rachel were hoping it would be them...

Our families' photos~
My mom and dad were able to come too~
(Memommy and Pop)
  Two VERY responsible crew members~
We were SO excited to go down to EK's classroom
and take photos of her in front of her special wall~
 SO sweet~
 It was wonderful that Amelia was home
from college and able to go to the assembly! 

A great ending to a great week!!!

Thankful Thursday~

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I was SO thankful to have the bigs home this past weekend~