Saturday, August 6, 2011

SJ's First Forever Birthday Party

Can you believe what a difference a year makes???
From this~
to this~

SJ has looked forward to HER birthday
since EK celebrated her's in April.
Thursday she and I had SO much fun getting everything
needed to create the perfect party.
Friday we spent the whole day getting ready
and enjoyed a visit from Grace Anne/family~

Amelia made the cupcakes~

We also waited for Josh and Savannah to make it home
and they brought her an adorable Ariel dress~

One more sleep and it was ninety to nothing
getting everything ready by 10am!!!

Then time to wait on the guests~

We had the kids get a quick pic before swimming
and I think it is adorable...
pretty much a classic kid photo~

Everyone grabbed their bucket on the way to the pool
and off to play a few games for prizes~

Nothing was sweeter than having our children
all together celebrating sweet Jing's birthday~

AND we got a new family photo~

This little princess was SO excited to wear her new swimsuit~

Jumping off the diving board~

It was so sweet to be surrounded by family and friends~

SJ loved hearing Happy Birthday sang to her~

and blowing out her candles~

Everyone loved the candy raining pinata~

SJ was so sweet opening her presents.
I don't think she could believe they were all for her.
She loved every single one...
especially the singing card from Memommy~

She was very shy telling everyone thank you
but she did it and we were so proud of her~

EK was so happy to have her BFF here
since they have been together everyday this week
and will even see each other tomorrow at church~

As I stood by watching this precious baby today,
I thought of how so very far she has come.
From a very solemn, serious little girl
to a happy, confident 'big' girl.
I loved this photo of her having her picnic lunch~
She is so secure and happy to be home with her forever family
celebrating her first birthday home~
It couldn't have been a sweeter celebration.
Thank you to everyone that helped make it so special!!!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet JingJing! You look SO beautiful in your mermaid dress!! Olivia and I are sorry we missed your wonderful party.

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like she got the party of her dreams.


  3. totally made me teary!! I am so in love with SJ!! She is so very special and I am so proud of her!!
    Happy birthday sweet girl!!

  4. Happy birthday sweet SJ! It's amazing what a difference a year makes! You're adorable!

  5. She was definitely a birthday princess yesterday! The party was just beautiful!!! You can see the joy all over her face!

  6. Happy Birthday SJ!!! What a special day:) Ummm. I think I want you to throw my next birthday party... What are you doing next July 8th???

  7. Birthday Blessings Shaylee Joy!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!! My heart is speechless. God is so good!!!!
    Love you,

  9. Happy Birthday SJ!! You are as cute as can be!!

  10. She looks so sweet and is just beaming!! Looks like a very special day!!

  11. What a wonderful celebration!


  12. Happy Birthday sweet JingJing! What a fun party - and YES it is amazing what a different girl she is this year. Love.

    xo ellie

  13. Happy Birthday, sweet, SJ! A year of love has made a wonderful differenct...

  14. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!! What a!! Love her swimsuit, so cute!!!

    As always I love seeing your beautiful family Shay!


  15. Happy birthday to SJ!!! This post makes me smile. Jack will have his fourth birthday with us. I already can't wait after his sad little 3rd birthday pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Happy Birthday to your precious daughter! Love the photos and how happy she is! Blessings, Cathy

  17. We had a GREAT time at the party Saturday! It was so much fun and everything was very cute! You did a great job hosting. Max had a ball too! So glad Jing had a wonderful bday party and such a loving and sweet forever family!

  18. There is no greater there? That first birthday together is so special. It looks like she had a wonderful day. Blessings to you guys.