Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SJ's Backpack~

When EK's backpack came via the "Brown" truck,
SJ didn't understand why one didn't come for her.
On her birthday, Memommy gave her money
so I ordered one for her and it came yesteday~

To say she was excited is putting it lightly~

She wore it everywhere she went~

and filled it with some of her favorite things~

This morning she was up with a very happy smile,
picked out this outfit, and wanted pigtails~

We drove EK to school and when it was time for her to get out,
SJ asked me to unbuckle her~

I am SURE she thought she was going to school today~

even though nothing was ever said~
On the way home,
she asked if she could go to her 'Real' school
and I reassured her...
Home is as REAL as it gets!!!
She was great with that! :)

AND just because I couldn't resist,
this little one~

will have his own backpack when we get to China~

Don't you agree he needed one too???~
I think he will love it AND 
it already has some surprises to take to him. :)


  1. Totally agree he needed one. LOVE IT! I just love that it screams boy.

  2. Of course he needed one!! Cute little thing. Shaylee is getting so big. So sweet...

  3. Love the backpack prints. Every little guy needs a bit of camo!
    And SJ in her pigtails is beyond cute!

  4. of course he needed one too!! I love SJ's pigtails!!!!

  5. Jolie has her own hot pink monogrammed backpack too. We took it to China and use it for a diaper bag...Yes, Will needs one too.

  6. awhhh, sweetness overload! EJ is too cute with her special backpack... I bet she was just glowing with that on... she sure is glowing in these photos!! :) CUTE stuff!!!

    And little Will ~ he gets cuter and cuter in every photo you post of him, I swear!! I love that he has his own 'blue camo' personalized backpack filling up with goodies for him, too! Can't wait to see it ON HIM!!


  7. Those backpacks are so cute!! And I think SJ looks adorable in pigtails she should wear them more often!!! Will is going to love his backpack for sure =)

  8. I just love four! They get excited about everything! And I love that SJ's hair is long enough for pigtails!! So cute!

  9. Lucky girl! Aidan asks every day when he can order something to come in the mail.

    In China, we bought a clear backpack full of Leg-Os and it was Aidan's most prized possession; he even took it to breakfast with him. So one of the first things I bought for Eva was her own backpack-already packed with lots of girlie play stuff.


  10. I think I LOVE that SJ and Will have backpacks! Too adorable!

  11. Cute SJ! She is such a doll - I'm glad she got her own backpack - and Will too! Now we just need Will to go with it!

    I'm so excited for you - it is getting so close!!!!

    xo ellie