Thursday, August 18, 2011

ShayleeJoy and Will~

Now that EK is in school every day,
I find myself wondering what it will be like when Will is home.
I know there will be a huge adjustment for everyone
but SO looking forward to having our family whole.

If you are tired of home school posts, skip this one...
Today among other activities,
I began working with the drawing books EK 
learned to draw with~ Watch Me Draw series...
I swear by these, feeling sure EK gained much confidence
learning to draw lots of things which made her story writing
SO much less stressful.

SJ was very serious as she looked through the book
to choose what she wanted to draw~

She chose a unicorn~
I actually showed her each step by drawing in yellow
and having her trace over it.

She was quite pleased with her work~

I wrote the word talking about each letter~

and then she stamped over the letter finding each stamp
all by herself~

She decided she needed a rainbow
so she used the Do-a-Dot Painters to add it~

She loved it even more~

AND while we were sleeping...
Will and his friends were bringing in the Harvest~

See him in the red shirt~ serious about shucking. :)

I know I have had lots of people wonder
 how I get so many pics...
The ones today were not sent to me.
If you are on FB, you can like
 Shepherd's Field Children's Village and see lots of pics
from their day...
Sometimes I catch a glimpse of Will
and just fall more and more in love.


  1. Sick of homeschool posts? No, no, no! Keep them coming. Just totally copied and bought the drawing book.

    Any learning to read resources that you suggest?

  2. I love watching Jing learn from you. She is so serious about her "real" schooling. It's nice that you have such a willing participant!

  3. I know what you mean about the pictures. I would see a picture of the back of Mya's head on New Day and stare at it for hours :)

    I love that you are doing PK with ShayleeJoy! We have that book too!

  4. I never get sick of your photos! They are amazing! And your kids are so precious! That last pic with Will in it is so sweet! My little Luke is right next to him in the blue lion shirt. So cool how they live together!

  5. Hi Sharon- I LOVE the school posts you do so frequently. They really inspire and are always full of great, fun ideas! I'm going to order that book for my author/illustrator table. I think my kids will LOVE it!! :)

  6. I have to get those books for Linzi to draw from! She is able to write her stories with words now but she loves to draw and sometimes feels intimidated that she can't draw what she wants to draw the way she thinks it should be. Thanks for sharing!

    I love the pictures of Will shucking corn. What an amazing gift that you can follow his daily life until you are together. I can't wait until your family is together under the same roof though!


  7. thanks to you and your home schooling posts my daughter is excelling....I get great ideas from you. Thanks again.

  8. The artwork is lovely! And the pics??? Even more so!

  9. Ok. I getting these drawing books too! I haven't seen this series yet. They look so fun.
    How wonderful that you get so many updates on Will! It must be so comforting to know that he is being loved and cared for until he gets to his mommy and daddy!