Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'Real' School for SJ~ B&W Wednesday

As we have left EK @ school each morning,
SJ always asks me if she can do 'Real' school.
I thought she wanted to GO to a school
(and the answer is NO!)
but today she finally showed me what she thought Real was...

I had ordered some Kumon books from Amazon for her
and they finally came so I organized them into a dish drainer
(cute idea from Pinterest).
We walked in this morning and I asked her if she wanted to do school and she pointed to the books saying,
"Yes! REAL school!"
OH... now I know.
All the other activities didn't seem like work
so she didn't see them as 'real'. LOL

I was really amazed at how well she understood the directions
and followed through with her work.

Her favorite by far was cutting~

She loved working on letters 
with her Cookie Monster playdough kit~

She worked hard on her Lite Brite picture~

She put on a puppet show and named her puppet, Becca~

She loves playing with the train and blocks...
today she asked me to read "The Little Engine That Could"
and began acting it out. 

We started about 8:30 right after breakfast
and I had to break her away at 11:30~
3 hours this little one worked and loved it!!!

Today I asked her to sing her favorite song for me~ Enjoy!


  1. This made my day. What a sweetie pie and a great voice to boot.

  2. awww. so so cute. she is so beautiful as well as smart! I'm pretty sure I couldn't work for that long (unless blog surfing counts as work lol!)

    xo ellie

  3. Her singing made me laugh. Of course that's her favorite song, given recent events! She's really remarkable-three hours of concentration is a long time for such a little one.


  4. I love the way she says "Mama" when she is singing. So sweet! How wonderful that she wants "real" school and you have time to spend with her. (Those workbooks get high ratings.) I aways remember that her pediatrician thinks SJ will be a doctor when she grows up. ~Lindy

  5. awhh, how cute! Of course my favorite was the video... just TOO precious! I loved her sweet little smirk when she glanced up at you after singing "happy birthday dear ma-ma" ~ she has the most precious voice!!

  6. It looks like you are enjoying the one-on-one time! Cute pictures of your hard worker!

  7. Very sweet singing! Love all the fun stuff she's doing for school. I'll have to get some of those Kumon books soon! Was she doing them at age 3 yet?