Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Sick but Still @ School~

EK was home sick again yesterday running a fever
and just not much energy.
Once dosed with ibuprofen,
she and SJ were ready to do a little school.
I handed them both a blank book I had stapled
and really didn't think much about what they were doing.
They were quiet and I needed to fold a few clothes.
Well... they blew me away when they showed me their work...

SJ was first with her book.
She had sat and drawn all the pictures with some scribble writing.
I sat with her while she read it to me
and I wrote what she said.
When we came to the Daddy and Mama page,
I wrote it but she said~ I already wrote that.
Sure enough on her paper she had written a D and M.
We have been working on family name beginning letters
but I had no idea she could process it on paper!!! WOW!
Anyway, here is her story~ Precious!!!

I will save this forever...
thought is was SO interesting how she knew who went together. :)
And here she is reading it to you~

EK worked long and hard on her book
illustrating and coloring.
She named it before she began writing
thus the various topics within...
didn't seem to bother her so I certainly didn't say anything.
She sat with me and told me what she wanted to write.
I drew magic lines for her and she sounded out every word
adding the punctuation too
and here it is~

Mrs. Gurley, EK's teacher had encouraged us
to have the kids writing when home
and I think EK definitely followed through with it!!! 
And here she is reading it~


  1. These are reasons why I love ages 4-6! I love how Josh was big in his picture. lol!

  2. They are amazing writers & readers. Cant tell their mama is a teach at.all!!!!

  3. WOW! Both are wonderful at writing and drawing!

    I hope EK is better soon!

    xo ellie

  4. So sweet! I laughed when I saw that SJ paired Will with the family dog. She must think that little boys are made of frogs and snails, and puppy dogs' tails. ~Lindy

  5. Such cute books!!! I loved looking at them! You do such a good job teaching them...